Legacy Tree Program continues 25-year partnership with Brown-Forman


by Jamie Martin


Posted on December 13, 2010 at 6:46 PM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 14 at 6:17 PM

LOUISVILLE, KY. (WHAS11) - What is 25-years-old, lives in downtown Louisville and is green all over?

Many people walk and drive right by the answer every day.  It's the Legacy Tree Program. Kathy Pramik of Brown-Forman knew!

Pramik said the program is a 25-year partnership between Brown-Forman and Brightside. In that time, they have planted nearly 5,000 trees with a focus on urban in the downtown area.

“It sets a beautiful legacy for the city and its communities,” Pramik said. “It's terrific for the environment from a carbon emissions perspective.”

Lisa Gunterman, the Program Director of Brightside, appreciates all the support.

“Brightside is about uniting the community, and clean and green activities, foster civic pride, and this is another example of one of those programs,” Gunterman said. “Trees aren't just something pretty to look at. They can lower your utility bill, they bring value to your neighborhood, and they let people know that people care and they take care of their neighborhood.”

We hear more about the green aspects of the tree plantings from Matt Nally, who likes to get down and dirty.

“The tree program is important for several reasons,” Nally said. “One of many reasons is carbon sequestration. That is where the trees actually draw the carbon and the carbon dioxide out of the air, pull it down into the roots, pull it down into the soil. It reduces the greenhouse gasses and reduced the carbon footprint that each of us leaves behind.”

So as we head through the holidays and your trying to find that perfect gift, perhaps an Appalachian red bud will do the trick.  It will look beautiful starting in the spring and everyone can breathe a little easier.