Project Green: Louisville business helps other local businesses get clean, go green


by Ben Pine

Posted on December 27, 2010 at 6:51 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 27 at 6:51 PM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11)-  There is a new local business in Louisville that is actually turning other local businesses green.
Green Clean Louisville opened up in August earlier this year.  It is a cleaning company like no other in Louisville, using only earth-friendly products. 
Green Clean Louisville does just what their name says, they clean green.  Matt Hogan and Jaki Watson founded the company.  The company not only helps other companies be more clean, but be more green. 
"What we try to do is offer a healthier, more environmental workplace for employees, business owners, for their quality of life and overall success of a business," said Hogan.
Whatever your company may use to clean the office, Green Clean Louisville says they have the comparable green cleaning solution which could be safer for you and the environment.
For those reasons, Gill Holland, the owner of the LEED Certified Green Building in Louisville, decided to hire the Green Clean Team.
"Actually, you have increased worker productivity, decreased worker sick days, because you're not putting these toxins out into your work environment," said Holland.
What about the cost for cleaning more green?  Does being green cost more?  Carmen Hickerson of Great Louisville Inc. says you may be surprised.
"We hear a lot of companies that say moving to a more green way of doing business might be an increased cost, but they have found over the long term it actually save them money," said Hickerson.
Green Clean Louisville does not disagree.
"The cost is actually the same, it's very minimal, the biggest thing for a business owner, a facilities manager, or property owner, is really just utilize the process," said Hogan.
The Green Clean Team says they use EPA Green Seal products and cleaning processes, so when your office gets dirty, it gets cleaned, without hurting the environment.