Project Green: 11 tips to winterize your home, save money


by Ben Pine

Posted on November 23, 2009 at 7:20 PM

(WHAS11) - Everyone has heard of the top ten list, but this is WHAS11 and we've got your top eleven list to weatherize your home for the winter.

Brain Phillips from LG&E was nice enough to invite WHAS11’s Ben Pine into his home to give some tips.

Tip number eleven starts right at the front door. Two low cost ways to make your home more energy efficient by keeping cold air out is to install a door sweep at the bottom of your door and install weather seal at the side and top of the door. 

Tip number ten is all about the windows.   Use rope caulk to seal up the small leaks along your windows to keep the cold air out.  If you have leaky windows this is very important, and the larger leaks you can use a foam material called Backer Rod.  Break it off and plug in the leak.

Now to tip number nine.  Once you've prepared your window you can install the plastic covering over your windows to create another barrier, preventing against the weather.

According to Brian Phillips, you can save up to 25% on your heating bills.

For tip number eight, we're still trying to keep all the cold air outside.  Right behind your outside wall outlets, you remove the top cover, place a foam insulator piece on that and then put the wall plate back on, it will work to keep additional air from coming inside the house.

The next couple of tips are for the basement.  For tip number seven you want to make sure you have your furnace running as efficiently as possible.  Part of that is making sure you switch out the furnace filters monthly which leads us to tip number six.  You want to make sure you seal up the seams along your duct work with foil tap and not duct tape, which is misleading.  This will do better in keeping the air inside and going up into your living area.

Tip number five takes us to the water heater.  To save more energy, turn your water heater from hot to warm; you'll heat less water, which means you'll use less energy.

Tip number four takes us back upstairs to the thermostat for another good weatherizing tip. If you want to have control over your energy usage, a good thing to do is install a programmable thermostat.

If you install one of these you can save up to 12% a month on your bill each month by just getting one installed.

For tip number three we're hoping more and more people are switching out their bulbs to the more energy efficient CFLs.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes these days, they use 75% less energy and last ten times longer than the standard bulbs.

For saving more energy over the winter, and we can't forget the Christmas tree for tip number two. These bulbs use 80% less energy than standard bulbs and the bulbs life is about 25,000 hours, so you can get through many holidays without having to switch them out.

For the final tip, the number one way you can save some money, basically ask a professional to help.  For about $25, if you are unsure where to begin, call LG&E and they'll come and do an energy audit, an inside and out inspection, find some areas where you are wasting energy, tell you how you can save more energy and make your home more energy efficient.