Tips on how to dress for less


Posted on June 25, 2014 at 11:38 AM

If you love fashion but don't have the cash to indulge your penchant for being stylish, take heart. We reached out to fashion-conscious gals and guys who know how to dress for less. Here are their suggestions and a few of our own:


• Make vintage, consignment and thrift shops part of your regular shopping stops. Some of the most mentioned places include Nitty Gritty, Margaret's, Clothes Mentor, Another Time Around, All For One and Sassy Fox in Louisville; Mariposa in New Albany; and the Animal Protection Association Thrift Store in Jeffersonville. Don't forget about Goodwill, either. 


• Mix and match from places -- and prices -- all around town, advises designer Butch Sager of Gifthorse. 


Shop the clearance racks at boutiques and big box stores, like Target, where "GDL!" entertainment correspondent Angie Fenton recently purchased two beautiful dresses for only $11 each. 


Shop just before stores start carrying items for the next season. You may not be able to wear, say, a gorgeous winter coat you purchase just before spring, but you will have it to don as soon as the weather gets cold again. 


Swap stylish apparel with friends and family or consider organizing a dress for less party where you and your pals bring what hasn't been worn in a year or longer. You never know who might want that paisley jumpsuit from the 70s that's been sitting in the back of your closet. 


Shop in your own closet, and while you do, get rid of what you definitely won't wear again and try on the items that haven't seen the light of day. You just might find your new wardrobe already resides at home.




Nitty Gritty, 996 Barret Ave., Louisville

Margaret's Consignment, 2700 Frankfort Ave., Louisville

Clothes Mentor, 291 N. Hubbards Lane #101 and 4082 Taylorsville Road, Louisville

Another Time Around, 12340 Shelbyville Road, Louisville

Sassy Fox, 150 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville

All For One, 1975 Douglass Blvd, Louisville

Mariposa Fine Consignments, 222 Pearl St., New Albany

Animal Protection Association Thrift Store, 146 Spring St., Jeffersonville