The Sandwich Generation
Sandwich Generation adults feel squeezed every day. They are in a life stage where they must balance raising children while caring for aging parents. American Senior Communities is a part of YOUR local community and we are here to help. Our mission is to compassionately serve each resident with quality care and excellence through health solutions that foster independence and self-esteem. Compassion, Attentiveness, Relationships and Excellence are the core values for American Senior Communities. These words not only form an acronym for C.A.R.E, they are also guiding principles to help each of us make the right choices. At a time when home and health services are seen as fragmented and, consequently, frustrating, where can today's senior adults find a housing community to call home? That was our challenge, and the reason we created American Senior Communities. We've created senior living communities specifically designed to serve today's seniors by providing a multitude of lifestyle choices with integrated services and amenities. Each American Senior Community is part of the neighborhood in which it exists. Our leaders and staff live in surrounding areas and know the community well. We value the same things in life that you do. The foundation of our senior living communities is based on the knowledge that we'll be part of your neighborhood for many, many years. When someone chooses to live in one of our retirement communities or health care facilities, we become an extension of their family. We take the time to get to know each of our residents and their families on a personal level. Our communities are made up of individuals, and with that in mind, we focus on serving individual needs. Caring people make the difference at American Senior Communities. You can feel it the minute you walk into our senior living communities and meet our staff. We are experts at senior healthcare who are not just doing a job, but following a calling.


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