Pokemon Go may launch upcoming 'Buddy System', lets players walk around with Pokemon

Catching them all is the goal for all Pokemon Go fans, but if you have a favorite Pokemon you idolize more than others, you might be excited to hear about the latest feature in the game.

Pokemon Go is launching a "Buddy System," which allows trainers to choose a specific Pokemon and "bond" with it.

In more practical terms, the game uses the same sort of distance calculation as egg hatching. You can choose a particular Pokemon and train it by making it your "Buddy" and walking it around, which will award you with candy for that specific Pokemon.

And don't worry, you can have multiple buddies.

You can walk only one Pokemon at a time. You can also walk them multiple times a day, however, there is a daily cutoff limit on how much candy you get for walking them.

This new feature will also come with a new kind of animation which shows your Buddy Pokemon following you around onscreen.

Different media outlets report that the new feature could be launched as soon as next week.


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