Dow Chemical Plant leak contained at this time


by Sherlene Shanklin

Posted on June 13, 2010 at 1:13 PM

Updated Sunday, Jun 13 at 9:24 PM

Update 4:21pm Officials are telling WHAS11 that the leak has been contained.  Stay with WHAS11 News and if there's any additional information that we need to pass along to you about the leak. 

Update 2:55pm Meteorologist Ben Pine says, "the leak will likely drift east with consistent winds from the west at 10-20 mph.  So areas immediately east of Campground road could most likely be effected." Metro safe may consider initial downwind evacuation for at least 300 meters (1000 feet) if necessary.  Again, roads between Ralph Avenue and Krammers Lane are shut down as a result of the leak. 

Update:  2:36pm From Lake Dreamland Fire they requested three sirens in and around the Dow Chemical Company on Campground Road to advise to shelter in place and stay indoors as a precaution while they assess a leak of Methyl Methacrylate. The directions for sheltering in place are:

What To Do If Sheltering In Place Is Necessary?
. Bring all family members and pets inside the home.
. Close and lock all doors and windows. Turn off all heating, cooling and
ventilation systems including attic and window fans. Close dampers in fireplaces.
. Everyone needs to go to a pre-designated shelter room. Place a combination of
plastic and duct tape around all doors, windows and electrical outlets in that room.
. Take your emergency-supply kit in room with you.
. Listen to radio and television broadcasts for further instructions.
. Do not leave your shelter area until local officials give an "ALL CLEAR."
. After the "ALL CLEAR" is given, opens doors and windows to ventilate.

Update:  2:15pm WHAS11 wanted to give you an update on the chemical leak at the Dow Plant in the 4300 block of Campground Road.  At this time, emergency officials are asking you to stay in your homes.  This is only a precaution.   The roads around the plant are closed and that's Kramers Lane and Ralph Ave.  Again, only as a precaution they are asking you to stay in your homes at this time.  Stay with WHAS11 News and for the very latest. 

Update 1:47pm  There's a few concerns that people need to worry about and the first is with the heat.  Emergency personnel have the task of containing this leak in this heat.  Secondly, if you have a health problem you need to stay indoors or find an alternative place to stay until things are under control.  At this time, emergency personnel have not been able to speak to the media which is very understandable but our photographer on the scene has spoken with a man who has family in the area and they have been advised to leave the area because one of the members has a health problem.   If you have been asked to leave your home and/or if you have been asked to stay inside I want to hear from you.  Send me an email at or by calling the newsroom at 502-582-7220.    

Update: Our crew at the scene says that emergency personnel have pushed them back for their safety.  Our crew does smell something in the air but its not distinctive where they could pinpoint exactly what it is.  Stay with WHAS11 News and for the latest. 

There's a chemical leak within a rail car at the Dow Chemical Plant on Campground Road.  I know that Lake Dreamland and PRP fire Departments are on the scene as well as other emergency personnel.  I have confirmed that the fire departments are shutting off the a couple of streets around the plant.  That's Kramers Lane and Ralph Avenue.   We have a crew already on the scene and they are updating me as information becomes available. 
Stay with WHAS11 News and for additional information.     

If you live in the area and you have some information in regards to the leak email me at or call the WHAS11 Newsroom at 502-582-7220.