Photos: Help the Horses benefit at O'Shea's a huge success!


Posted on July 21, 2011 at 10:44 AM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 2 at 11:16 AM

Louisville, Ky. - The Help the Horses event at O'Shea's on Baxter Avenue was a huge success!

Klondike & The Slow Rush performed and 100 percent of all proceeds went to help ex-racehorses.

CANTER stands for The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses. Our mission statement is to provide thoroughbred race horses new careers after the finish line.

CANTER KY helps racehorses find new careers by connecting
buyers and sellers through posting race horses for sale on the internet. CANTER is the
only recognized program that actually operates on the backside of the race tracks and
training facilities that we serve. In Kentucky we service Churchill Downs, Keeneland and
Turfway Park. We also service many of the Thoroughbred Training Centers located in the
Louisville and Lexington area.
CANTER KY is an all volunteer organization with 501 (C) (3) non profit status. We
are 100% dependent upon our volunteers and are very greatful for their service. Our
volunteers are at the tracks or training centers on a weekly basis, educating trainers and
owners about options for their race horses once they are ready to retire and move on to
new careers. The volunteers take photographs and listing information of the horses and
post them for sale on the internet at free of charge. CANTER KY will
also list track pony horses regardless of breed as long as the horse was used” to pony” at
the track. CANTER KY will also list younger thoroughbred broodmares that are in need
of homes and new careers, as well as, horses that are in ”race training” but may have not
actually raced or yet been registered by the Jockey Club.

CANTER as an organization began in 1997 in Michigan. CANTER his since expanded to ten chapters throughout the United States. CANTER KY was started in November 2009 by Amanda Graham in Louisville KY. CANTER KY has helped transition over 75 race horses to new homes and careers since we opened.

The most important challenge facing CANTER KY today is to find good homes outside of racing for every thoroughbred that we have listed on the website. While many of the horses listed do find good homes and new careers it is a sad reality that some do not.

Our mission is to provide any thoroughbred race horse in need, regardless of soundness, race record, or pedigree a good home. CANTER KY offers follow up on all horses sold through our website to ensure that they end up in a good situation.

CANTER KY vision for the future is that we would like to have the funds and resources to take in horses from the race track and help retrain them for new careers.

These horses would be signed over to CANTER KY by their owners and we would assume ownership of the horse until we found them a suitable home. In order for this to happen we would need a reliable network of foster homes and boarding facilities that could provide care, rehabilitation, and retraining until a permanent home can be found.

Currently CANTER KY has 3 foster homes that have taken in race horses from the track and are in the process of rehabilitating them until they can be listed for sale on the

If you are interested in volunteering, fundraising or interested in fostering a retired KY race horse please contact