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White Christmas...

by Monty Webb

Posted on December 16, 2009 at 1:12 AM

Everyone is asking me, "Will we have a White Christmas?"  But , before I answer, lets take a look at the historical Christmas weather...

Warmest: 68 in 1893

Coldest: -7 in 1983

Wettest: 2.09" in 1987

Snowiest: 4.5" in 1890

Deepest Snow Cover: 5" in 1939 and 2004 (December 22-23... In Louisville, six inches of sleet combined with several inches of snow.  Power was out for two days to 33,000 Louisvillians.  Thundersnow and thundersleet were observed during the height of the storm.  Streets were impassable and last minute Christmas shopping was virtually shut down.  Local businesses lost up to 80% of their expected sales during the storm.

Chance for a White Christmas in Louisville: 13%


So, how do our chances look this year...?  Right now... Better than average.  Saturday we will have a weak system push into Kentuckiana bringing with it a little snow (less than an inch), but more importantly it will usher in some very cold air that will be with us through at least Christmas.  Highs near 30 and lows near 20.

850mb Saturday Morning


Another quick moving system arrives Monday night-Tuesday that could give us 1-2" of snow.  However this is still about week away...

850mb Tuesday Morning

We could see a few flurries during the day on Christmas Eve and by Christmas evening the models are trying to develop a little snow us...  This is still 10 days away and a lot could happen with the development and track of this system between now and then.  We'll keep watching it. 

850mb Christmas Evening

Lets start the chant now... White Christmas.... White Christmas... White Christmas