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2 storms next week - big rainmaker, then maybe a big snowmaker!

by Ben Pine

Posted on January 30, 2014 at 6:19 AM

Updated Thursday, Jan 30 at 6:46 PM

Wow, next week looks interesting!  We can nearly guarantee one thing - a wild start to February!

I've got lots of maps for you below, but I'll keep it as simple as possible.  The long-range weather models (EURO & GFS), are surprisingly, coming into better agreement about next week's storms.  Yes, storms.   Let's look at these maps, one-by-one, and you can click on them to make larger.

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The next 4 maps are from the EURO model, and keep in mind later how well they match the GFS weather model maps below.  The first map below is the EURO weather model, showing the heavy rain potential arriving Tuesday.  The freezing line well north, even north of Indy.  With this more northern track, we will see primarily rain through Tuesday.

The above map is rain during the afternoon/evening, the map below shows more rain through midnight, with the freezing line still north into early Wednesday morning.

The next map shows the storm moving out early Wednesday, so as it gets colder, we're losing moisture.  So, this will limit snow amounts.  At this time, only light snow expected early Wednesday.

The last EURO weather model map below is the next storm which could arrive late next week.  This storm (if it develops) could take a more southerly track, which means higher snow potential for our area.  Still too early to talk amounts.  But, again, two storms possible next week.  The first early next week looks mainly wet, then late week storm looks snowy.

Let's move on to the American GFS long-range weather model.  The next two maps show the wet weather, with again, heavy rain potential for Tuesday - freezing line well north.

Just like the EURO, the GFS map below shows the system moving out early Wednesday as the colder air races in.  Again, indicating light snow early Wednesday.

The next GFS map shows Saturday, February 8th's snow potential.  Notice the southerly track, keeping us under colder air, and increasing snow potential.  But, keep in mind - these weather models are highly subject to change their story between now and then.  This is not an official forecast, just an early look at the guidance from long-range weather models.  We'll keep you updated.

The last map here is the GFS snow total through 144 hours - through Tuesday - showing the snow staying mainly to our north for the 1st storm early next week. 

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