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Fires, floods, and freaky clouds!

Fires, floods, and freaky clouds!

Image courtesy of Matthew Cook

by Ben Pine

Posted on May 29, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Updated Friday, Oct 18 at 8:03 PM

Scroll through the pictures below and you'll find it was an eventful Tuesday morning across the Louisville Metro area.  Strong thunderstorms packed very heavy rain, along with frequent, intense, and dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning.  Below is a picture UofL flooded once again. The flooding caused morning and afternoon classes to be cancelled.

Picture from Alyssa Paro.

Below is a picture sent in from viewer Tyler Davis of the Province Apartment complex near UofL on fire.  Lightning is believed to be blamed for starting the blaze, but an investigation will be completed.

The next image is of a Roll Cloud spotted in Shelbyville, Kentucky.  The cloud formed ahead of the thunderstorms as cool outflow air raced ahead, then lifted up the warm air, causing it to roll horizontally.  This cloud feature is not associated with tornadoes or funnel clouds, and is differnent than a Shelf Cloud. Find more about this cloud type here.

The final picture below was sent to us from our former weather intern Matthew Cook, showing more of the flooding from the Clarksville area.  The winds were also strong enough to knock down part of his neighbor's fence.

MSD rain gauge amounts from Tuesday morning.

Current Rainfall Conditions as of
May 29, 2012 10:45 AM
ID Site Rainfall
TR01 D. R. Guthrie WQTC 0.12 2.36
TR02 PRP Fire Station Training Facility 0.12 3.12
TR03 Shively PS 0.00 3.50
TR04 Morris Forman WQTC 0.00 3.32
TR05 Beargrass Creek PS 0.36 1.72
TR06 Hite Creek WQTC 0.24 0.45
TR07 Floyds fork WQTC 0.00 1.23
TR08 Fern Creek Fire Station #3 0.00 0.00
TR09 Cedar Creek WQTC 0.00 0.94
TR10 Camp Horine (Jefferson Co. Forest) 0.24 1.40
TR11 Northern Ditch PS 0.36 1.85
TR12 Nightingale PS 0.36 3.43
TR13 St. Matthews Elementary School 0.48 2.43
TR14 Lea Ann Way PS 0.24 1.76
TR15 Jeffersontown WQTC 0.24 1.64
TR17 Mt. St. Francis 0.00 0.13
TR18 IVY Tech 0.00 1.84
TR19 Fairdale High School 0.24 1.43

Flash Flood Warnings were issued this morning for Harrison, Floyd, Clark, Jefferson, and Oldham counties after 2-4" of rainfall fell over the area.