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World Cup Fan Blog: USA-Slovenia Pre-game

World Cup Fan Blog: USA-Slovenia Pre-game

by Daniel Brindle

Posted on June 18, 2010 at 9:07 AM

Ever see two colors together in a random setting and immediately associate it with a sports team?  Today I got Portugal in my 2 for 25 cents gumball purchase.  Rats, I wanted Kentucky blue and white.

These notes taken as I watched this morning inside the WHAS 11 newsroom.

-7:43am-WHAS 11 reporter Adam Lefkoe just asked photographer "Big" Pete Longton if he's going to paint his face and body for the game today.  If you knew Big Pete, you'd know how funny that is.  The newsroom is primed.

-8:07am-Klose sees red card in Germany game.  Those watching here are in disbelief.  Now Serbia scored.  We all gather to discuss. Jeff-"That was an intense five minutes."  If you don't like soccer, you are wrong.  This second round of games have been as good as the first round were bad. 

-8:18am- Halftime of the Germany-Serbia game. You just get the feeling that the ref is looking for a Serbian to send off and even this up.

-8:28am-Lalas gives his line-up for the USA today.  I agree with it.  Cherunolo has played well at RB, but Spector may bring a little more in the attack and Slovenia won't have the threats England had.  Buddle is my choice up top with Altidore as well.

-8:34am-Getting nervous now, this is the exact type of game USA fails at (See Ghana 2006, or even Poland 2002)

-8:47am-Handball in the box! The gang gathers round the TV again. PK Blocked! Adam-"Dan Brindle-esque that save was, so was the handball" Ahh yeah, we got jokes. A Ron Artest conversation ensues.  Seriously, that dude was funny last night.

9:45am-After a short break to tape a show for Sunday morning, I have returned to my perch for the big game.  Germany goes down clouding the picture of preferred finish in group C.  Serbia never has a man sent off, but does give that penalty in the second half. 

I see the line-ups have been announced and am mildly surprised to see Torres in there.  let's see if he keeps the defensive intensity from warm-up matches.  The rest of the line-up is unchanged from game one. Kinda wanted to see Spector in and maybe Buddle, but I am cool with this line-up.

-9:54am- I love the game of soccer, but think the pre-game player march is odd.  It's like lining up for a grade school field trip- complete with grade school children!  Why the children? Why the march? Why the ball in that little tee on a table?
Could you imagine this in any other sport?  I guess i like it.  it's odd, but it is part of "it all"

-9:59am-US looks ready during the anthem.  Focused.  This is going to be our day. I know it.  I hope I didnt just put the jynx on.
 On a side note, boring hair on this year's bunch.  The US has always been good for one or two crazy haired dudes. Balboa, Lalas, young McBride, Mathis. those guys played AND made a hair statement. They should have included Kyle Beckerman just for the hairAt least WHAS11 Editor Jeff Costelle (picutred above) is representing the cause.

OK kick off time, I will continue this throughout the game, and post when possible.