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World Cup Fan Blog: Almost Live USA game Blog

World Cup Fan Blog: Almost Live USA game Blog

by Daniel Brindle

Posted on June 18, 2010 at 12:20 PM

Updated Saturday, Jun 19 at 9:15 AM

The time preceding the comment is the time on the clock on my computer at the time of the update.  Enjoy!

-10:00 Almost immediatly a dust up. Dempsey gets his elbow up, the referee appears to miss the bulk of it.  The Slovenia players do not. Pushing shoving, in baseball they call that a "brawl."  No card, he may have earned yellow, wonder if he'll be a target of retribution later.

-10:05 Great through pass to Findley, who earns a corner after nearly dribbling over the line.  Again.

-10:12 I'd like to see Altidore run at defenders even more often. 

-10:13 Trouble for our guys.  Weird looking goal on first glance.  Looks like Torres may have lst field awareness.  Ugh. Getting a goal against this bunch will not be easy.

-10:14 To complete Altidore thought, (good ball again on free kick by Donovan.  Bocanegra and Dempsey break free, but ball drops to keeper's fist in between them),i Jozy ever matures, he'll have a chance to be best US goalscorer ever.  McBride currently holds that title, and this team could use a guy like him, but couldn't attack on the ground like Jozy.

-10:21 Someone other than Donovan and Findley need to show a little life.  C'mon boys! Ugh a 50 yard freekick gives us trouble.

-10:28 Another high cross played in by Donovan.  This isn't working, the offense looks stagnant.  Seems there may be room to make plays along the ground in the middle.

-10:33 Who's the most dangerous player today? (HINT: he's not wearing blue)

-10:35 Altidore attacking run rewarded by drawing a yellow card on LB Cesar. Dangerous spot here...dangerous strike! Welcome to the game Mr. Torres, nice save too. Grumble.  Wow , on replay Torres hit one heck of a ball there.

-10:38 Action fast now.  Findley attacks on left, earns corner, then has a horrible yellow thrown on him for a "faceball"  US then wastes another chance, SHOOT!

-10:42 And now another Slovenian goal.  I was way off about this being our day.  The chances have been there since the US started keeping the ball on the ground, but this is generally not an explosive US side.  I feel doom.  I bet Molly Malone's is quiet.

HALFTIME! Sweet mercy halftime.  For 20 minutes, no Slovenians will disappear only to reappear with the ball behind all the defenders. 1/3 of an hour where we will not piddle away chances in front of the net.  Donovan- this is your legacy.  Lift this team in the second half and win this. Everything great that's ever been done has been tough, so buckle down and do this tough thing.  OK, pizza break.

-11:03 Changes for the US.  Edu and Feilhaber in, Torres, Findley and his yellow out.  I am a fan of Benny. 

-11:05 Did that goalie flinch?  WOW. What a strike dy Donovan! Ripped into the top of the goal. Top shelf where mama hides the cookies.  That's what I'm talking about Donovan.  Make this your game.

-11:06 A regroup lie down on the pitch for a Slovenian.  Donovan another very well taken free kick- Beckham must have taught him some things the past few summers in LA.  Just missed by Onyewu.

-11:11 "Absolutely fascinating now" bellows the game announcer. Hyperbole.  Awesome Brittish hyperbole.

-11:23 Slovenia and the official tightening up, and have slowed the US attack.  Gomez maybe for Onyewu late?

-11:27 A cutting run by Altidore draws another card as he is slammed to the ground.  Some talk of a red by the game announcers, close, but not on this one.  The resulting free kick goes into the mix and comes out to a Altidore.  His shot did not toruble the keeper.

-11:29 Another brutal tackle by a Slovenian, basically a drop kick to to the shins.  He gets a yellow.  Harkes is now on board with my Gomez plan.

-11:32 Another brutal late tackle.  this time on Donovan, another card.  US looks good, but the first half did happen.

-11:36 Here comes Gomez! (none too soon, these guys look ragged.)  Onyewu out. For those who think I don't know what I'm talking about, I called this at 11:23.

 -11:39 Goal!  Goal!  Goal!  Another expert shot.  This time from Bradley on a great play.  I told you, Gomez for Gooch!  Hope we can defend the rest of the way.

-11:40  This is an odd situation.  I am at my desk watch the game on about a 3 second delay.  The rest of the newsroom sees the action well before me.  So we get a celebration, then I see the action.  Altidore draws another foul.

-11:43 USA robbed of goal #3.  What the heck was that call?  Can't wait to see what the explanation on that is.

-11:50 No replay has shown anything on the US on that "goal". Outrage!!!

-12:10 It's over, I'm guessing the US will not be getting credit for that third goal anytime. Jeff-"We were robbed!"  I am outraged and angry. 

So much controversy. Ultimately despite an exhilirating contest, disappointment.  Not in the play of the team, but the ultimate outcome.

I gotta go clear my head.  Full thoughts later or tomorrow morning.  Bottom line: The USA still controls its own destiny.  Win by two goals against Algeria, advance.  Even a one goal game has a chance to get us through.  All in all the USA is in a better spot then they were at the Confed Cup a year ago when they needed the big win and some help.  Now just a win will likely do it.

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