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NCAA Coverage: On the Road with the Cats - Tampa

Posted on March 16, 2011 at 11:59 AM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 16 at 8:07 PM

Tampa Bay, Fl (WHAS11) - WHAS11's Adam Lefkoe has landed in Tampa Bay, Florida for the NCAA Tournament to follow the University of Kentucky Wildcats as they take on Princeton.

Adam blogs:

It's been an unbelievably long day, but definitely an enjoyable one.
Wednesday morning, videographer Wade Harris and I caught an early flight to
Tampa Bay.  Lucky for us, it got us in town just in time to catch the
end of Princeton's practice.  Afterwards, Coach Cal took the podium
for about 20 minutes answering questions about his team.  A few
comments caught my attention Wednesday:

- Calipari definitely is still not happy with the #4 seed.  He
mentioned more than once that Florida was deserving of a #2...but I
could see it in his eyes the disrespect he feels regarding his team's

- Coach Cal said that he doesn't show his team any video of the
opponent until the day in which they'll play.  (The players confirmed
this...all of them said they really have no clue what Princeton's
playing style is like). He says he'd rather focus on his own team than
have his players scouting weaknesses of others.

- The "goggles" phenomenon is growing rapidly.  (Terrence Jones was
rocking a goggles t-shirt in the locker room today).  Even John Robic
was throwing them up in shoot-around.  Supposedly the Portland
Trailblazers started it.  Personally I think it has UK roots.

Tampa Bay is incredibly beautiful.  83 degrees and no humidity, I
would highly recommend it as a vacation spot.

Quick Princeton story:
     - Doug Davis, the buzzer-beating hero for Princeton actually
played on my high school basketball team.  Actually, the kid took my
spot as a Freshman, but no hard feelings.  He really is a great kid.
It will be interesting to see how he matches up with Brandon Knight
tomorrow.  If Knight starts to falter, I may have to jump in and
attack his High School weaknesses...but I'm sure they're fixed by now.
 Check out the shows tomorrow, I'll be doing a number of live shots
before the game, and will have complete coverage afterwards.