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"Road to the Marathon" 9/9/2011

by Ben Pine

Posted on September 9, 2011 at 7:33 AM

First Update: 9/9/2011

Reed Yadon and I (Ben Pine) are currently training for the ING New York Marathon on November 6th. We’re going to start blogging about our progress and we hope to hear from you runners – beginners or professionals, young or old.
Reed and I are both beginners. We have done smaller races, but never THE MARATHON!
I’d say we’re both about half way through our training schedule. We don’t have a trainer, or any professional help, but we’re trying our best to stay on some sort of schedule and routine. I found a pretty good website for this… Training Schedules . is also quite helpful. Find the latest about what we're trying to accomplish here...
Right now, it’s all about putting in the miles, and staying free of injury. I have had minor shin splints (after Papa John’s 10 Miler), but so far so good. My longest run is 14.3 miles, and Reed is doing regular 10+ mile runs. Reed has taught me the tortoise will win the race, or at least finish the marathon, and that’s our main goal – FINISH! 
I injured myself by running too fast in the Triple Crown of Running this spring, and have learned to sloooooow it down. I’m running about 90 seconds slower for my long, marathon-training runs.
Keep tabs on our “Road to the Marathon” here on the WHAS11 Health and Fitness blog and we hope to hear from you, especially if you are heading to the ING New York Marathon as well!  We’ll add pictures and video along the way, plus, many here at WHAS TV will add their fitness updates from time to time. 
Hopefully, we can all help “Keep Kentuckiana Moving!” Stay tuned!!