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NYC Marathon inspiring more marathoners!

NYC Marathon inspiring more marathoners!

by Ben Pine

Posted on November 10, 2011 at 8:38 AM

The ING New York Marathon was so great, in so many ways.  I agree with everything Reed Yadon said in his blog update yesterday. 

But, this running race continues.  Reed and I didn't know, but hoped, this race would inspire at least one person to put on some running shoes, and get started on their own athletic adventure.  Not until today, did that hope become a reality. 

My Dad ran his first and only marathon back in the 1990's, 15-20 years ago, and gave me inspiration and advice along the way during my training.  However, this time, I have inspired him, or perhaps, pressured him into running the Indianapolis Marathon next year in October.  We're going to start with the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon in April 2012, and then head to Indy as next year's training is in full bloom.  Thanks Dad for this email today, "Ok, you've convinced me to run this thing.  Guess I'm all in too!  You really know how to tug on an old man's heart!"  It will be awesome, Dad.

Basically, I said, "Dad, I'm done with this long-distance running, unless..."  Plus, I may have mentioned how I never really got to support him when he was running all those miles, and how great it would be for father and son to run in, what will likely be, our last marathon.

But, that's not all.  I had to enlist some help to convince my old man.  For that, I looked to my brother-in-law Spencer Grobey.  Spencer manned-up and never hesistated.  He sent me this email yesterday, "Now we are running in the hills of Louisville.  This keeps getting harder and harder. I am IN."  (Note: I may have edited their email responses a little bit, thanks to some choice words they used to describe their acceptance to the 2012 marathon challenge.)

So, thanks to Reed's original challenge and pressure to get me to do the NYC Marathon, one marathoner is out of retirement, and anohther marathoner is in the making!

Thanks to the New York Road Runners for putting together a most awesome marathon, and for sending an uplifting note after the race,

"Ben Pine,

You are incredible—a champion in your own right! You finished the world's greatest marathon on Sunday.

Just like our champions Geoffrey Mutai and Firehiwot Dado, Masazumi Soejima and Amanda McGrory, you achieved something that most people only dream about.

You were part of a record-breaking weekend, in so many ways. More than 47,000 runners. A stunning $34 million raised for charity. Mutai's 2:05:05 in New York is now the fastest performance on a record-certified course in the United States. In fact, the top three men as well as the women's wheelchair champion beat course records.

From Friday night's inaugural Marathon Opening Ceremony to Saturday's Dash to the Finish Line 5K to Marathon Sunday, the weekend was a blur of inspiration. As Jack Waitz finished, we all thought of our beloved Grete Waitz, to whom we dedicated this year's race. We hope the moment of pure elation when you crossed the finish line will stay with you forever.

You're an official ING New York City Marathon 2011 finisher with a time of 4:15:29. We call you champion. Don't you love the sound of that?

On behalf of NYRR—your biggest fans,


Mary Wittenberg
Race Director, ING New York City Marathon
President and CEO, New York Road Runners

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