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Ben and Reed's "Road to the NYC Marathon" Update 9/30/11

Ben and Reed's

by Ben Pine

Posted on September 30, 2011 at 8:47 AM

Updated Saturday, Nov 2 at 2:18 PM

The runs are getting much longer and it's making Reed and I look much closer at nutrition and supplements. 

I have an 18+ mile run this Saturday morning, and Reed is going 18+ on Sunday. 

Reed seems to be jogging along swimmingly, while it seems I feel every step after mile 10.  Besides having water ready at spots along our run, we have also been experimenting with different foods and supplements late in the run.  Keeping our bodies full of electrolytes, some sustenance, and obviously water is becoming very important to finish strong, or to finish at all.

Then, it's about recovery.  I have been upping my Vitamin D, Calcium, and other daily vitamins to help heal.  I already eat a bunch of protien.  But, I am starting my days with egg in my breakfast now.

My wife is poking fun at me because even though I'm running miles and miles, the mid-section remains about the same.  I don't seem to be losing much weight at all, and I blame my ravenous appetite after the run.

Stay tuned for more updates soon, we'll let you know how our biggy runs went this weekend.

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