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Ben and Reed's "Road to the NYC Marathon"

Ben and Reed's

Ben Pine's view from his hotel room in NYC.

by Ben Pine

Posted on November 2, 2011 at 4:48 AM

Updated Saturday, Nov 2 at 2:18 PM

It was last November when I first gave serious thought to attempting my first marathon after many half marathons. I have been running since high school, the mileage varying during the years because of work, the military, marriage and at times just needing a break.

Ben was the tipping point in my marathon decision.

It was a cold March morning and Ben had just finished the Papa John's Ten Miler and stopped by our live shot location during Good Morning Kentuckiana at the stadium. He was totally exhausted, but thrilled at having run his first ever 10 miles. My running at the time had dropped off due to work but I felt renewed by watching Ben. By early summer I convinced Ben to go for the NYC Marathon.

Let the training begin. It did, through the heat and humidity. We were exchanging texts daily and generally telling each other we could do it. I am not sure we always believed what we were saying.

Fast forward and here we are having completed our training programs, including 20 mile runs. To be truthful I hate to see it end as these months and increasing distances have provided much time for reflection, prayer and a setting of priorities. Did I mention I am also over 45 pounds lighter?

This morning I read a marathon related article in the Wall Street Journal in which one runner called it almost a religious experience. Sunday morning at 10:10 will mark the start of a 26 mile tour covering the 5 boroughs and crossing 5 bridges. I feel blessed to be among the nearly 50,000 runners. What a way to see this great city and its people up close!

I am sure we will all be filled with emotion as we cross the finish line in Central Park, but for me the satisfaction will come from knowing that on this Sunday I was good enough to do something I never thought I could do.

Thanks Ben for the inspiration!