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Ben and Reed's "Road to the NYC Marathon" 10/17/11 Update

Ben and Reed's

by Ben Pine

Posted on October 17, 2011 at 10:36 AM

Updated Saturday, Nov 2 at 2:18 PM

Our training schedules have been pretty similar and we both decided to top out at 20 miles for our longest run. I did my 20-miler on Saturday in St. Louis through beautiful Forest Park ( Click here for the map ).  Quite a hilly track.  I ran a 6 mile loop three times, then 2 miles to my mom's house.

I was feeling fine through about mile 12, then some aches started building through mile 16.  Unfortunately, miles 16-18 were uphill, and into the wind, and that was very tough, but I kept a jog going.  Just gutted out the last two miles with my lower half feeling like it wanted to lock up.  I did take 400 calories worth (4 gels), and 4 enduralyte pills.  Didn't finish quite as strong as I would like, but I'm hoping I can just hang on the last 6 miles for the full Marathon in a couple weeks.  Thankfully, not too sore the next day or today.  I would like to finish around 4 hours, but I'll have to go a little harder than I have been.

After the long run, our schedules taper down a bit until the big 26.2 mile NYC Marathon on November 6th. Here's a look at what I have left. 

18 Off 6M 5M 8M Off 4M 12M
19 Off 5M 4M 6M Off 3M 12M
20 Off Fartlek
4M Off Off 2M RACE DAY!

I chose a schedule provided by, the Beginner Marathon Program. I'm still not sure what a Fartlek is, I'll have to look that up!

Reed did his 20-miler through South Louisville on Sunday.  It kills me when he reports back to me with not a single ache or pain.  Reed is tough.

We hope to get some video blogs done before the big race, and we also hope to Skype live from New York City in a few weeks.  Stay tuned!