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Woman in Conway ad talks about "off the wall" Paul

Woman in Conway ad talks about

Credit: Conway Senate Campaign

Jack Conway supporter Kay Ferguson Armstrong in an image from a campaign commercial.

by Joe Arnold


Posted on September 29, 2010 at 3:45 PM

A Louisville woman who appears in a new Jack Conway ad reiterated her concerns about Republican candidate Rand Paul during a conference call with reporters, Wednesday.
Paul is seen in the ad suggesting a $2000 Medicare deductible as a way to address the program's financial viability and the cost of health care in the United States.
"Rand Paul is off the wall with a $2,000 deductible," Kay Ferguson Armstrong, a Louisville Democrat and Jack Conway volunteer, says in the commercial.
After the ad aired, Paul's campaign said he does not support a $2,000 deductible and that the ad takes his comments, recorded in 2009 at a gathering of conservatives in Lexington, out of context.
"As a senator, Dr. Paul will take action to fix our system and ensure that we fulfill our moral obligation to our seniors and make sure they get the benefits they have been promised," Paul spokesman Gary Howard said in a statement.
Armstrong would hear nothing of it, instead basing her comments on the Paul quote in the ad.
"Your word is your bond," Armstrong said, descibing her upbringing in Western Kentucky, "and contracts are done on a handshake."
"I saw his video,"  she continued, "I'm already paying a $250 deductible," adding that her budget cannot sustain additional costs, especially as she receives body scans and bone scans after being treated for breast cancer.
"Seniors who are angry over Conway's misleading attacks on Dr. Paul should be reminded that Jack Conway supports Obamacare," Howard, the Paul spokesman countered, "which strips seniors of about a half a trillion dollars in Medicare funding."
Asked whether she was concerned about the health care legislation cutting funds for Medicare, Armstrong was preempted by Conway Communications Director John Collins who coordinated the conference call.  Collins submitted that the health care reform will not cut funds for Medicare.
Another Conway volunteer on the conference call, 82 year old Herman Bowen, then responded, "I don't see where it would cut Medicare benefits," adding that "If if was up to the Republican party, they would cut" benefits.  Bowen, who has assisted in Conway's campaigns for Congress and Attorney General, said "middle class people in this country have taken a sound beating in the last ten years."  Bowen referred to Rand Paul as "Ron Paul" throughout the call.
The ad is being shown statewide as part of Conway's strategy to paint Rand Paul as out of touch with the needs and concerns of Kentuckians.
"I think it's out there," Armstrong said when asked of the commercial's impact, "And I think a lot of people will see it."  Armstrong said the words she spoke in the ad are her own and Collins said that none of the lines delivered by the seniors in the ad were scripted.   
"Dr. Paul is looking for solutions to keep our promises to seniors," Howard contends, "Conway's friends in Washington just disregarded a whole lot of those promises."