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Blast from the past: Paul's view of David Williams

by Joe Arnold


Posted on March 1, 2010 at 11:16 AM

In my interview with Senate President David Williams, his handicapping of the GOP U.S. Senate primary  appeared to favor Rand Paul.  I wonder if Williams is aware of how Paul criticized his leadership one year ago:

When Republicans act like Democrats, who is the taxpayer to trust? Recently, Senate Republican President David Williams has agreed to go along with the Democrats and raise taxes.

Williams apparently drank the Democrat Koolaid and accepts their argument that Kentucky has a budget shortfall. One would think with all the years Williams has spent in Frankfort he would understand the gamesmanship involved in budget numbers.......

......... We need to have two parties in Kentucky. We need to hear opposing arguments. David William’s capitulation on the budget simply gives up the fight and shows that perhaps there is not that much difference between the political parties. Or that Senator Williams is perhaps carrying water for the wrong team.

Rand Paul
Kentucky Taxpayers United