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U.S. Senate update: KY Democrat Primary

by Joe Arnold


Posted on February 20, 2010 at 12:25 AM

In this update from three Democrats running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, the campaign manager for Jack Conway cites a lead in campaign cash in saying that Conway is well-positioned to win the primary, the Daniel Mongiardo campaign hopes to make a splash in Conway's Louisville on Saturday with a group photo of Jefferson County endorsements, and referring to the first two, Maurice Sweeney says "Too many Democrats are sounding like Republicans while forgetting the democratic principles that make our party, the party of inclusion and family values."

Jack Conway

Jack Conway campaign manager Jonathan Drobis updates supporters in a YouTube video, saying Conway is well positioned to win the primary.

Drobis cites Conway's overall fundraising lead, saying Conway has a $1 million cash advantage over Democrat rival Daniel Mongiardo.

"We'll have the resources," Drobis says, adding that more than 10,000 people have signed up online and that the campaign organization is growing statewide.

Conway's message is "resonating with Kentucky voters," Drobis says, repeating the themes that Conway has been hammering since the new campaign team took over, create jobs, cut the deficit and bring accountability to Washington.

Drobis does acknowledge the challenges of the campaign by saying the Conway campaign will not be distracted by the press, attacks from other campaigns, or the polls.

Daniel Mongiardo

Meanwhile, Mongiardo is coming into Conway's backyard Saturday morning to announce "that 50 influential community leaders and activists from Louisville are publicly supporting his candidacy for the U.S. Senate."

I have linked to Mongiardo's endorsement page in the past, so some names will not be a surprise, such as state Senators Tim Shaughnessy, Perry Clark and Denise Harper-Angel and state Representatives Larry Clark and Tom Burch.  Who else will endorse and appear at the IBEW Hall 369 on Preston Highway?  I'll have the list here on the blog at 10am, Saturday.

Maurice Sweeney

The other Jefferson County Democrat in the race, Maurice Sweeney, has released the latest edition of his "Sweeney Gazette:"

From Conversation to Pulling Kentucky Together! 

The past two weeks have been intense.  My campaign fought and won to ensure that you and I are not kept out of forums and debates based on the whims and wishes of those who believe our democracy is just for the privileged few. We spoke at a forum in Lexington at the Kentucky Association of County Judges to a warm applauds when we reminded our career politicians that the days of holding an office just to run for another was over. We saw our friends from Fulton, Kentucky at the League of Cities reception and made some new ones from Williamsburg.

In Bowling Green, during last Tuesday’s snowstorm, we spoke to members of the UAW, police officers, mailmen, students and at a town hall meeting at WKU. Thank God, we made it home by midnight. On Thursday we attended a ceremony honoring our friend, the late Judge William McAunalty, who was memorialized with a sculpted bust located in the State capitol. Prior to that we marched in the freezing cold with Citizens for the Commonwealth, an environmental group advocating clean water, responsible mining, and environmental justice. The march reminded me of why I’m running to become your next US Senator.

Too many democrats are sounding like republicans while forgetting the democratic principles that make our party, the party of inclusion and family values. The hypocrisy and leadership through fear, that mirrors the republican’s party, must be defeated this May and in November.

The guiding principle of the Democratic Party is to fight for the rights and the dreams of America’s working people. This guiding principle establishes all the other values of our party.  We value a strong military and national security, but must ensure this power is tempered by judicious use, so not to place in jeopardy the lives of our young men and women who so proudly serve our country.

We fight for the rights and dreams of our families so that everyone has access to quality healthcare, a good education, adequate housing and a clean environment.  Our party has long espoused the inclusion of those Americans who are less fortunate into the fabric of our great society. We fight on, we march on, and we see the finish line. Only with your help, with your belief and conviction of something bigger than ourselves, can we win. Please make a contribution or sign up to volunteer. If everyone gives a little, we can all win a lot.

You Can Help! Maurice "Pull Kentucky Together" by helping him meet is his fundraising goals. By making a commitment to contribute Today!