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'Riv-pals?' Congressmen trash talk Cards, Cats on Capitol steps

'Riv-pals?' Congressmen trash talk Cards, Cats on Capitol steps

by Joe Arnold


Posted on March 28, 2012 at 10:05 PM

(WHAS11) Kentucky Congressmen John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler, who represent Final Four opponent cities Louisville and Lexington, respectively, took to the U.S. Capitol steps on Wednesday to wave team flags and engage in some trash talk.

In the process, the Democrats also coined a new word to describe their relationship, "Riv-pals."

Take a look at their joint news release:

With the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky set to square off in the Final Four for the first time in history, some speculate that in-state tensions will be particularly high. But the “riv-pals” who represent the schools in Congress say their achievements are already a victory for the Commonwealth. 

“These fine universities have two of the richest traditions in college basketball, and we can all be proud of the achievements of these remarkable student athletes,” said Congressman John Yarmuth (UofL).  “The teams are both so good, I’m sure that whoever prevails, it will be the experience of the teams’ seasoned upperclassmen that leads the way.” 

“Even when you look back at our seven championship teams, I’m not sure anyone’s ever seen such an unbelievable display of talent at the college level as this one," Congressman Ben Chandler (UK) said. “I think it’s great that everyone in Kentucky can be a part of the Wildcats’ journey to another championship.” 

“The Cards have been underdogs in the vast majority of their games in the post-season, and they continue to rise to the challenge, surprise people, and just find a way to win,” Congressman Yarmuth added. 

Added Congressman Chandler: “While nobody is surprised by the way Coach Cal and the Cats have absolutely dominated the tournament.” 

Yarmuth continued: “The Cats haven’t faced a defense like this one.” 

Chandler responded: “How did your defense fare in December?”    

Yarmuth: “At Rupp!  Besides, these guys are playing at a whole other level now.” 

Chandler: “We’ll see about that.” 

Yarmuth: “It’s on!” 

Chandler: “It is definitely on!”