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Republican candidates respond to SOTU

by Joe Arnold


Posted on January 29, 2010 at 2:21 AM

I received responses to the State of the Union address from two of the five Republicans running in the GOP primary fot the Third District Congressional seat now held by Democrat John Yarmuth.  I'll update this post if I hear from any of the other three.  Larry Hausman's and Todd Lally's statements follow.

The other GOP candidates are Jeff Reetz, W. Jerry Durbin and Brooks Wicker.

Louisville, KY – Third District Congressional candidate Larry Hausman continues his pledge to put principles over party in his response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. Free market principles and expanding our abilities to create our own energy resources are ideas that Hausman plans to support and he is heartened to hear this line of thinking from our President.

“When President Obama finds himself in line with conservative principles, as your next Congressman, I will be there to support him. Our country will be better off if he continues to move to the right,” said Hausman. “The President suggested an investment tax credit and further developing our nuclear and clean coal ambitions as well as opening up the opportunity for off-shore drilling to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. These are ideas that John Yarmuth has not supported in the past even though they are good for Louisville and our country.”

But the President’s speech certainly missed the mark on several occasions. His jobs package takes too long and relies on frivolous improvements to our infrastructure.

“President Obama’s jobs bill is essentially renaming the stimulus package. While it might sound impressive to build high-speed rail, is that really an investment in long-term job growth?” asked Hausman. “Instead we need to put people back to work by investing in small business through major tax deductions. When you give incentives across the board to encourage job-creating businesses, you help put all Americans back to work, not just those in the train business.”

“However, leadership is more than pointing out the flaws of people you disagree with. In the coming weeks, I look forward to releasing a comprehensive jobs policy that will include a double tax deduction for any employer who hires new workers.”

Moreover, President Obama seems to be tone deaf to the people’s opposition to government-run healthcare.

“The President offered no new solutions to health care last night,” said Hausman. “I am for free market health care reform, but John Yarmuth and Nancy Pelosi’s desire for single payer coverage is not an option I am willing to consider. And according to recent elections, the majority of Americans feel the same way. Let’s work on common-sense solutions like purchasing insurance across state lines, finding a solution for those with pre-existing conditions and comprehensive tort reform. We need to tweak the system, not rebuild it.”

Statement from Todd Lally, Republican Candidate for Congress, 3rd Congressional District of Kentucky
The President got one thing right in his address last night, that Americans share a "stubborn resilience in the face of adversity." It is that resilience that will be, and has always been, the very thing that stimulates the growth of our economy. The President doesn't seem to understand that. After increasing our domestic spending by 66% last year, he now wants to lock these funds in place with a 'freeze'. It is shocking that while the President makes the appeal that "Washington needs to tighten its belt too," he proposes more spending in a new 'Jobs' bill.

You promised us jobs and they went away. You promised an end to the influence of lobbyists and we saw $2.5 billion of influence peddled in Washington. You promised bipartisanship, but let the minority get shut out of the policy process. You promised the bleeding would stop if we let you spend the money we didn't have, but millions more are unemployed. You promised to open the credit markets for small businesses, but the wells have remained rather dry.

All these promises were made last year, Mr. President. Our money has been misspent on choosing winners and losers, de facto governmental takeovers of banks and automotive companies, promoting policies under the influence of countless special interests, and pretending to create jobs while merely giving more temporary work to well-connected contractors and propping up favorable employer groups.

And last night, you promised to tighten the belt of Washington, but then proposed billions more in spending on a 'jobs bill'.  In 2009, House Democrats passed $862 billion in "stimulus" spending, and don’t forget the $347 billion in interest, two omnibus spending bills totaling more than $855 billion, and increased non-defense spending by 12 percent.  According to the President's own estimates, his budget and spending plan will cause deficits to average $905 billion for each of the next ten years.  Is this really tightening the belt?

Mr. President, the Recovery Act was your jobs bill, and your proposal to open small business credit was what it should have been doing all along. You still have much of the Stimulus money, so why are we talking about additional money to do what it has already been appropriated for?

Mr. President, with all haste, please feel free to insist that banks that have yet to repay their loans do so. But you cannot punish an industry for the actions of a few, nor can you punish them for taking money they didn't ask for, and in some cases tried to push away. This tax is nefarious and mean-spirited, targeting a group you have cultivated into an enemy of the people through distortions and lust for power. This attack on the banking industry will only hurt consumers, as banks pass down their costs to us.

If the government will provide the infra-structure, the hard-working people of these United State will forge ahead and create the jobs.  We will then stimulate the economy ourselves and the “American Dream” will continue to hold the same meaning.  We cannot allow the people in this country, that believe that they are “entitled”, to strip from this great nation all of the character traits that make us the greatest nation in the world.  Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Yarmuth have voted for all of the spending that has landed us where we are.  Mr. President, Speaker Pelosi, Congressman Yarmuth it is time for this kind of out-of control, unchecked one-party rule to end.

Todd Lally