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Paul/Grayson now feud over 9/11 questions

by Joe Arnold


Posted on December 18, 2009 at 4:21 PM

Challenged by the Trey Grayson Senate campaign to state if he agreed or disagreed with his former spokesman's belief that the United States government was responsible for the attacks on September 11th, Senate candidate Rand Paul instead criticized Grayson for asking the question, but did not address his own 9/11 position.

Following are both the Rand Paul response and the Trey Grayson release that prompted it.

Rand Paul:

"At a time in our nation's history when unity of action is needed in combating the forces of terrorism that would destroy America, my opponent has chosen the path of division. In the Republican party's history when unity of purpose is needed, my opponent seeks to divide us. I seek to unite our nation in combating the forces of evil and protecting Americans from our enemies.
I am saddened that my opponent has placed his personal ambitions above the interests of our nation and those principles of the Republican party that support victory."
Rand Paul 

Trey Grayson:

Rand Paul:  Dangerous for Kentucky

Says that U.S. Government Responsible for 9/11

Florence, Kentucky –

            Yesterday, Rand Paul failed to make clear where he agrees or disagrees on the extreme racist, anti-Christian views of his Communications Director, Chris Hightower, and instead made excuses for what a good guy he is.

 However, when pressed by the Louisville Courier-Journal if he agreed or disagreed with Hightower’s belief that the United States government was responsible for the attacks on September 11th, Rand Paul’s campaign said it was a “complicated situation” with “truth on both sides.”

              “Let me help you find the truth, Rand, if you can handle it.  The attacks on 9/11 were pre-meditated and carried out by terrorists who wanted to disrupt the American way of life,” said Grayson campaign manager Nate Hodson.  “This is a foolish and dangerous position that continues the pattern of disturbing views from the Paul campaign.  His views on national security have been as consistent as they have been misguided.”

             This isn’t the first time Rand Paul dodged the issue.  During remarks in Montana while he campaigned for his dad for president, Rand Paul had this exchange:

Questioner - “Why doesn’t your dad believe in the sort of notion that 9-11 was an inside job?  And has he seen Loose Change: Final Cut, anything like that?”

Rand Paul – “I don’t know that much about it, I mean I don’t know enough to respond for him on that and I don’t know about the movie that you are talking about."

(Speaking in Bozeman, MT, YouTube Video, 1/28/08)

If Rand Paul had his way, our national security would be much worse.  Paul advocated closing the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and releasing suspected terrorists back into battle in Afghanistan.

“ … it’s kind of unclear whether these people are guilty, not guilty … So I really think deportation or sending them back to their country of origin might be the best way to go.  And none of it’s fair, because some of them have been held years and years …” – (Alex Jones Show, YouTube video, 5/21/09)

“I think they should mostly be sent back to their country of origin or to tell you the truth I’d drop them back off into battle … you’re unclear, drop ‘em off back into Afghanistan.  It’d take them a while to get back over here.”

(YouTube video of Rand Paul speaking in Paducah, KY, 5/8/09)

Rand Paul “couldn’t agree more” with those who believe Guantanamo has “significantly damaged the reputation of the United States” and who want to “see it shut down.”

(Rand Paul official campaign website post, posted by the site Administrator, 5/25/09)

Alex Jones:  “Because if they don’t get a trial we’re not gonna get a trial.  We know Dr. Paul they are using the Patriot Act against non-terror related cases.  They’ve set the precedent.  All of this is gonna come back on us.”
Rand Paul:  “Oh I agree with you.  And then ultimately though if you cannot figure how to have a trial and cannot have enough evidence to do this I think deportation is the only acceptable way and I think you deport them to where they were captured.  Now they say oh these countries won’t take them back.  Well I think we have enough military force in Afghanistan that they can be taken back to Afghanistan at the very least and I think that would be acceptable to the vast majority of people.  It gets rid of the idea of having to try them. And then you know a lot us aren’t going to be too happy if you take people who are potentially violent, and we don’t know this, but are potentially violent, and put them on the streets of Austin.  You know I think sending them back to where we captured them is probably the best thing.”

(Alex Jones Show, YouTube video, 5/21/09)