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Paul says DNC to blame for comments controversy

by Joe Arnold


Posted on June 8, 2010 at 10:42 PM

Rand Paul's radio tour continued on Tuesday.

For a second straight day, the Kentucky Republican U.S. Senate candidate was back on the national airwaves, and again on conservative talk radio. Talking to radio host Sean Hannity, Paul said that the controversy over his Civil Rights Act comments was a creation of national Democrats.

"I think basically the Democrat National Committee decided, 'here's this guy who's doing great, look at the tea party, look at what the tea party's doing.  We have to damage the Tea Party.  We've always wanted to call them racists.  So here's our chance let's make up this and direct the whole debate that way.'"

On Monday, Paul appeared on the Rush Limbaugh radio show, talking with guest host Wayne Williams.

With seven months before Jim Bunning's replacement takes office,  Paul already threatened a filibuster.  The Republican pledged,  if elected, to introduce his own budget and not surrender the floor.

"If filibuster be necessary to make them pay attention to the debate over a balanced budget, I think a good week's time would be well spent to have the whole country talk about what's going to happen to us if we become Greece,"

The campaign of Democratic candidate Jack Conway is criticizing Paul, saying that he is changing his words and his positions and staying away from the mainstream media, describing Paul's more recent statements as the "dodging and weaving" of a "typical politician"

The Limbaugh and Hannity interviews are the first national interviews in more than two weeks.