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Paul back to web fundraising after D.C. bash

by Joe Arnold


Posted on June 28, 2010 at 8:50 AM

Four days after Rand Paul collected campaign cash the conventional way, a well-heeled fundraiser at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Paul campaign returns to its guerilla roots today with an Internet "moneyblast."

Previous "moneybombs" modeled after the fundraising prowess of Paul's father, Texas Congressman and former Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul, have yielded hundreds of thousands of dollars in one day.  The Paul website has kept a running total on campaign contributions since early in the primary campaign.  As of Monday morning, that total was $3.2 million, though it is unclear if the total includes the haul Paul took in at the Washington fundraiser. 

Though a website that purports no connection to the campaign announced Monday's Moneyblast on June 7, the Paul campaign has sent an e-mail blast of its own asking supporters to pony up.

 "My opponent is a big government, tax and spend trial lawyer.   He has done little in his life but run for or be in office.

He is exactly what I mean when I say we won't change Washington until we change the kind of people we send.

I am a career physician who has built and run a small business.   I believe in fighting for Liberty and for restoring our government to Constitutional limits.

I won't be just another vote in Washington.  I will stand up and fight for reform.

I know you support these same ideals.  And I am counting on you to stand with me today."

The Associated Press' Bruce Schreiner reports on Paul's activity in Washington:

Paul was the guest of honor at the event at the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Tickets went for $1,000 per person, with sponsorships up to $5,000 per group.

By appearing at the fundraiser, Paul seemed to back off a campaign promise to avoid GOP lawmakers who voted for the massive 2008 financial bailout. Nine of 12 GOP senators listed on the invitation voted for the $700 billion bank bailout.

During his visit to Washington, Paul had a series of private meetings with a number of Republican senators. Paul also appeared at a small-dollar fundraiser at an Irish pub in Washington on Wednesday evening.

Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton estimated the crowd Thursday evening at a couple hundred but did not have an estimate on the amount of campaign cash raised.

"I am told the room is full," Benton said in a statement.

In his remarks, Paul stuck to his main themes of balanced budgets, term limits and "adherence to the Constitution," Benton said.