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Paul and Bunning share disappoval of EPA

by News Release


Posted on June 11, 2010 at 1:14 AM

Rand Paul news release

Bowling Green, Kentucky –  Today, the U.S. Senate will consider a resolution to stop the out of control EPA from passing rules that would kill jobs and raise costs to business and consumers in Kentucky.  Under the guise of so-called "global warming" regulations, the EPA is overstepping it's already too-broad authority and is instead effectively trying to pass legislation, which is the sole prerogative of Congress.

This is a back-door attempt by the EPA and the Obama Administration to put into effect much of the dangerous Cap and Trade scheme that does not have the votes to pass through Congress.   Cap and Trade would have a substantial negative impact on Kentucky Coal and to the wallets of Kentucky Taxpayers, and these EPA regulations would impose similar problems without even so much as a vote of Congress.

Dr. Rand Paul would vote YES on SJ 26, and urges the Senate to pass this much-needed rebuke to the EPA and the Obama Administration's war on Kentucky Coal and fleecing of taxpayers.

Bunning Statement on the EPA Resolution of Disapproval

             WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Senator Jim Bunning today issued the following statement regarding S.J. Res. 26, a resolution of disapproval regarding actions taken by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sponsored by Senator Lisa Murkowski.  Senator Bunning co-sponsored the resolution, which would have expressed the Senate’s disapproval of EPA’s  attempt to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.  The resolution was defeated on a vote of 47-53

             “I strongly disapprove of the EPA’s so called ‘endangerment finding’ in regards to greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide emissions under the Clean Air Act.  The EPA’s ruling is no more than a backdoor attempt to create national energy policy that would be a job killer.  This unprecedented ruling could negatively affect families and small businesses throughout Kentucky, and the rest of the nation. This power grab by EPA greatly oversteps their authority.  Major environmental policies should be enacted by the elected members of Congress, not through unilateral decisions made by bureaucrats at the EPA.”