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Catching up with Conway

Catching up with Conway

Jack Conway

by Joe Arnold


Posted on September 27, 2010 at 7:44 AM

With five weeks until the November 2 mid-term election, the latest WHAS11/Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll shows Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Jack Conway in a statistical dead heat.

Even for those Paul supporters who believe that he is leading by more than two points, the poll undeniably indicates that the movement in the race in September is toward Conway, who trailed Paul by 15 points in the Bluegrass poll conducted by Survey USA just three weeks ago.

In an attempt at some Political Blog housekeeping, here are a few Conway updates from the last week, (I will update Paul's campaign in a separate post):

  • Though many former staffers from the Daniel Mongiardo campaign are still waiting for the phone to ring, Mongiardo's campaign manager - as expected - joined the Conway campaign last week to lead Conway's Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) effort.

Dick Prelopski is also the Political Director for the Kentucky Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign, as appointed by Governor Steve Beshear. 

“Dick Prelopski knows how to organize all 120 counties, proven by his work with the Governor’s race in 2007 and with Daniel Mongiardo in the primary. I am thrilled to have him serve as the Senior Advisor to our campaign’s GOTV effort,” Conway said in a statement.

  • Conway has kept up an aggressive fundraising schedule, jetting from Beverly Hills to New York, and acknowledging in an e-mail to supporters that the amount of money raised is a direct reflection of the direction of the campaign:

And with the campaign’s final end-of-quarter deadline coming up on September 30th, we're going to have a great opportunity to show the world our momentum.That's because every contribution we receive between now and midnight on September 30th will count toward our third-quarter public fundraising report -- the very report that Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, and everyone else is going to look at to see if they've put us away yet.

  • Both the Conway campaign and the DSCC jumped on the release of Jason "Aqua Buddha" Zengerle's Paul profile in GQ:
    • DSCC:    According to Zengerle, Paul's public ambivalence over backing McConnell for leader is all part of a plan. "The whole question of 'Will Rand vote for McConnell for leader?' is a power play," one "Paul ally" tells GQ. "If Mitch is a little bit on edge, so much the better. He should be."
    • Conway communications director John Collins: Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul (R-KY) recently referenced Nazi Germany in a discussion about debt control. As we have repeatedly said before (including this morning), Holocaust comparisons are never acceptable in political discourse.
  • On the eve of the Bluegrass Poll release, the Conway campaign released an internal  poll that also showed the race in a dead heat:
    • Currently, Rand Paul is better known than Jack Conway, with 84% name ID to Conway’s 72%. While they have comparable favorable ratings, Paul’s unfavorable rating is 11% higher than Conway’s.