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Paul appears to shift again on Education Department

by Joe Arnold


Posted on June 9, 2010 at 8:58 PM

Rand Paul went back on local radio in Kentucky on Wednesday, on Leland Conway's WLAP show. 

In the interview, Paul appears to have shifted his position again on whether he wants to abolish the Department of Education. 

Last week, Paul reemerged with a short interview on WHAS Radio in Louisville with Tony Cruise.  On Monday, Paul spoke at length with guest host Walter E. Williams on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  On Tuesday, Paul again appeared on national radio with Sean Hannity.  Wednesday, it was Lexington with Leland Conway.

 Ryan Alessi listened to the show:

After going on the Rush Limbaugh show Monday and saying he would introduce his own balanced budget as a U.S. senator, Paul told Conway that the first things he would do is freeze hiring and salaries at the federal level.

“If someone leaves, we wouldn’t hire their replacement,” Paul said.

If those measures aren’t enough, Paul said he would look into reducing all federal departments using a three-question approach: “can we downsize it, can we privatize it or can we eliminate it?”

“There are many departments, including the Department of Education, that the founding fathers intended to be handled at the state level,” Paul said.

The reference to the Department of Education appears to be at odds with Paul's answer to my question several weeks ago when I asked him directly:

"Do you want to abolish the Department of Education?"

"No," he replied, "I say what we do is take a multi-step look at every department. but you do look at everything across the board and say 'what  can we downsize? what can we privatize?'what can we eliminate?

"And there is a multi-step test.  There may be some parts of the Department of Agricultiure that could be eliminated.  There may be some that could be downsized.  There may be some that could be made smaller.  But, I think you have to have that stepwise approach to the entire budget or we're not going to get anwhere."