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Owen carries out biggest duty of Council Prez

by Joe Arnold


Posted on January 14, 2010 at 6:05 AM

Updated Thursday, Jan 14 at 1:18 AM

New Louisville Metro Council President has just executed what might be the two most powerful and meaningful authorities he has as President, the naming of which committees the council will have this year, and who will chair those committees.

As he had forecast, Owen added a new committee, the Energy and Environment Committee, to be chaired by Brent Ackerson (D-26) with James Peden (R-23) the Vice-Chair.

In all, Owen named 12 committees, seven chaired by Democrats, five chaired by Republicans.  Interestingly, while mayoral candidate Jim King remains Budget Committee Chairman (he had hoped to be Majority Caucus chair), no other mayoral candidates are either chairs or vice-chairs of any committee, including outgoing Metro Council President David Tandy. 

News Release:

President Owen announces Chairs and Vice-Chairs for 2010 Metro Council Committees

New created for 21st Century needs

Louisville – Metro Council President Tom Owen (D-8) has announced who will be in charge of 12 Council Committees in the coming year. For the first time, an energy and environment committee is being created to review future environmental trends for Metro Louisville.

            “The time has come to look ahead and see what our long term energy needs are for this city,” said Owen. “As American and World leaders assess issues such as resource limitations, climate change and global warming, we should begin a review of where we are headed in the 21st Century.”

            The new Committee is responsible for review of trends local, state and national for Louisville when it comes to the future use of natural resources. It will review programs that are environmentally sustainable yet economically responsible from air quality to recycling and waste disposal.

 The Committee will examine ways to make Metro Louisville “Greener” while making the public more aware of the challenges and opportunities we face through legislation and education.

            The remaining Metro Council Committees will see no change in goals or descriptions for the coming year.

            “I want to thank my colleagues who have agreed to the Chair and Vice Chair positions on these committees,” says Owen. “We have some very important work ahead of us in the coming year. I know these are dedicated people who have Metro Louisville’s best interests at heart.”

            Here are the Chairs and Vice-Chairs for Metro Council Committees in 2010

Appropriations NDF’s and CIF’s:

Robin Engel (R-22) Chair

Rick Blackwell (D-12) Vice Chair



Jim King (D-10) Chair

Kelly Downard (R-16) Vice Chair


Community Affairs:

Barbara Shanklin (D-2) Chair

Doug Hawkins (R-25) Vice Chairman


Contracts and Appointments:

Stuart Benson (R-20) Chair

Mary Woolridge (D-3) Vice Chair


Energy & Environment:

Brent Ackerson (D-26) Chair

James Peden (R-23 Vice-Chair


Government Accountability and Oversight:

Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) Chair

Ken Fleming (R-7) Vice Chairman


Health & Human Needs:

Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) Chair

Kevin Kramer (R-11) Vice Chair


Labor & Economic Development:

Marianne Butler (D-15) Chair

           Kelly Downard (R-16) Vice Chair                      


Parks, Libraries & Cultural Activities:

Glen Stuckel (R-17) Chair

Bon Henderson (D-14) Vice Chair


Planning/Zoning, Land Design & Development:

Jon Ackerson (R-18) Chair

Dan Johnson (D-21) Vice Chair


Public Safety:

 Kevin Kramer (R-11) Chair

Judy Green (D-1) Vice Chair


Transportation/Public Works:

Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) Chair

Robin Engel (R-22) Vice Chair