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'No comment yet' from Paul campaign manager

by Joe Arnold


Posted on May 25, 2010 at 11:28 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 26 at 6:15 AM

With word Tuesday night from the AP's hardworking Roger Alford that Senate candidate Rand Paul plans to shake up his campaign staff, I called campaign manager David Adams for an update.

"No comment, yet," Adams said, "but details coming soon."

From the AP's Alford:

Campaign manager David Adams, a Republican strategist and former blogger who has been with the campaign since it began, will remain, but perhaps in a different role, Paul said.

Paul, who said he was bolstering his staff, won the GOP nomination last week with campaign workers who were largely political novices and volunteers. He said all the staffing decisions haven't yet been made.

Jesse Benton, who was part of the presidential campaign of Rand Paul's father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, has been increasingly visible in the Senate campaign.  For instance, Benton met me at Paul's opthamology practice where I interviewed Paul on Friday.  I had not noticed Benton at any of my previous Paul interviews.  I am awaiting a response for an interview request with Benton, but  insiders say that Paul has been pressured by prominent Republicans to make changes.

Interesting that Rand Paul, who has worked to create a separate identity from his libertarian icon father, might hire one of his Dad's campaign aides to take over.

David Adams has been omnipresent during the primary campaign, often appearing in Paul's stead when different campaign events or Lincoln Day dinners were happening simultaneously.   There appears to be room for Adams to share some of his duties, as he has effectively been serving as both campaign manager and chief spokesperson for the campaign.  Ryan Hogan has served as the official media contact, yet Adams has been the only voice other than Paul's to speak for the Paul campaign. 

With Paul's campaign called "novices" after an MSNBC interview controversy took on a life of its own, Paul may heed the advice of the establishment Republicans who also encouraged him to stop granting interviews.  One of those calls was from George W. Bush strategist Karl Rove, whose advice might also have included how to staff the campaign from this point forward.