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National media picks up Paul "Aqua Buddha" article

National media picks up Paul

by Joe Arnold


Posted on July 10, 2010 at 7:30 AM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 10 at 1:44 AM

Did the GQ article change your opinion of Rand Paul?

In yet another indication that Kentucky's U.S. Senate race is one of, if not the most watched Senate race in the country, look at what media have picked up on a GQ magazine piece on Republican nominee Rand Paul's alleged activities while attending Baylor University in the early 1980's:

New York Post, Senate candidate Rand Paul allegedly involved in secret society kidnapping, drugs prank: report

Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul allegedly helped kidnap a female student and attempted to force her to smoke marijuana in a bizarre prank during his days at Baylor University, GQ magazine reported Monday.

Paul -- along with a fellow member of a secret liberal society -- targeted a female teammate on the Baylor swim team.

Politico, Paul campaign attacks GQ reporter

Rand Paul's campaign -- which has refused to deny an account of an alleged collegiate prank -- is attacking the GQ writer who quoted an anonymous former teammate's account.

"We are investigating all our options - including Legal ones," emails Paul aide Jesse Benton. "We will not tolerate drive by Journalism by a writer with a leftist agenda."

 The Washington Post, Rand Paul campaign threatens GQ mag

GQ Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson dismisses the Paul campaign's threats in a statement:

"We've vetted, researched, and exhaustively fact-checked Jason Zengerle's reporting on Rand Paul's college days, we stand by the story, and we gave the Paul campaign every opportunity to refute it. We notice that they have not, in fact, refuted it."

Salon, Drug-crazed Rand Paul kidnapped woman in reefer frenzy

They also, according to a fellow NoZe Brother, "aspired to blasphemy," which sounds pretty good to me but may not go over all that well in Kentucky, the state Paul would like to represent in the U.S. Senate.

New York Daily News, Bongs and Kidnapping? Rand Paul? What the ...?

Another GOP source suggested a reporter was actually dumpster-diving for material on Paul, and implied that the reporting in this piece proved there wasn’t a lot to find, since the incident is nearly 30 years old.

Nevertheless, it makes for good reading.