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Mass. Reax: Lally says Yarmuth in jeopardy

by Joe Arnold


Posted on January 19, 2010 at 10:51 PM

Statement from Todd Lally, Republican Candidate for Congress, 3rd Congressional District of Kentucky
  In November, a warning shot was fired by the people of the United States by way of victories for Republicans in the New Jersey and Virginia Governors races.  Today, the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have said “enough is enough” by electing a Republican Senator.  Scott Brown has been elected to serve in the seat that was occupied by Democrat Patriarch Senator Ted Kennedy for 46 yrs.  Securing this seat was so important to the Obama administration’s agenda that the President himself traveled to Massachusetts yesterday to campaign on Martha Coakley’s behalf and even that was not enough to sway the voters in this traditionally Democratic state

 The people of the United States and Massachusetts have spoken.  We are tired of waking up and finding out via newspaper that the Democrat majority has pushed its agenda on us once again.  With the use of late night votes and back room deals, Senators have been given exemptions for their state, in return for their vote.  This kind of under-handed politics is appalling and does not represent the intent of democracy.  The people of the United States have spoken with their votes and their dollars.

 The Obama administration has spoken of “transparency” of government since its campaign’s inception.  There has been nothing at all transparent about this push to force through a Health Care Reform bill that has not been completely thought out.  Our own Congressman John Yarmuth when asked, “How will we pay for this Health Care bill?” responded with “I don’t know,” then he voted for it anyway.  His response is unacceptable and irresponsible to the American People. 

 With unemployment lingering above 10% and a national deficit of over $12.4 trillion, we will not allow the Democratic majority in Congress to turn a deaf ear to us anymore.  The people of Massachusetts have made this message clear.  This brand of “progress and change” that is being sold by President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Yarmuth is no longer what the people of the United States are willing to buy.  


Todd Lally