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Ky. political activist disciplined for alleged prescribing violations

by Adam Walser


Posted on September 11, 2012 at 7:28 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Well known Kentucky political figure Dr. Frank Simon is in trouble with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure for his alleged prescribing practices.

The report indicates that Dr. Simon didn't properly track his patients' narcotics use and ignored warnings that they were abusing or selling narcotics.

The investigation began last week and culminated in restrictions placed on Dr. Simon's medical license last Friday.

For decades, Dr. Frank Simon has been a lightning rod of controversy in Kentucky politics.
Lately, his involvement in the Tea Party movement has received the most attention.

“People have to take our government back,” Simon said in a 2009 interview with WHAS-TV.
His comments on gay rights are still remembered.

“Homosexual behavior is much more vulgar than you ever imagined,” Simon once said at a

Jefferson County Board of Education meeting in 2007.

“Dr. Simon really sort of mislead folks in the past, often times, his opposition was based on rumor, or myth that he perpetuated,” said Chris Hartman, of The Fairness Campaign, a group that advocates equal rights for gays, lesbian and transgendered Kentucky residents.

But the man, who often has sounded off from a political soapbox, didn't want to talk about a set-back in his professional career on Monday.

“Dr. Simon says he appreciates you stopping by, but at this time, he has no comment,” an employee of his medical practice told us Monday.

The report from the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure says he "demonstrated gross negligence" in his prescribing practices, by continuing to provide drugs to known addicts who were reportedly selling the medications he prescribed.

One of those was Tabitha Geary, who was arrested by St. Matthews Police for prescription drug fraud.

Her husband, Jeremy Geary, died from a drug overdose last December.

We spoke to his father by phone.

“They should be putting these doctors under the jail for giving these people these pills like that. They know they were abusing them,” Dennis Geary said.

No criminal charges have been filed against Dr. Simon.

He could have his ability to prescribe reinstated, if he takes courses, pays a fine and stays out of trouble.

Simon has been a medical doctor for the past 41 years.