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If I were a Senator... Grayson says 'take a stand'

by Web Update Producer


Posted on December 14, 2009 at 11:09 AM

Updated Monday, Dec 14 at 11:09 AM

The campaign of KY Sec. of State Trey Grayson, led by Nate Hodson, is casting Grayson as a candidate of substance, challenging other campaigns to unequivocally declare how each would vote if in the Senate today.


Here's the update on the campaign website: 

Just a quick update on the campaign. Trey continues to travel across Kentucky and is working hard every day to get our campaign’s message out to Kentucky voters by speaking out on the issues.

This is setting him apart from the other leading candidates. Democrats Jack Conway and Dan Mongiardo seem to be in hiding with the deteriorating popularity of Harry Reid’s health care bill, which they refuse to take a position on.

Senators don’t get to take a pass on votes, and Trey Grayson has not been afraid to tell voters where he stands.

Trey is speaking out against the recent announcement by President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it will regulate carbon emissions. While the benefits of taxing carbon emissions or implementing onerous and costly new regulations are dubious, the costs are real and will be devastating to Kentucky.

Additionally, Trey is vocally opposing provisions in Harry Reid’s health care bill that will provide for taxpayer funding of abortion. Again, the other candidates have been silent.

This is just more evidence of why Trey Grayson will win this campaign with your support.

In other news this week, we hired Jeremy Hughes to join the campaign as Political Director. Previously Jeremy served as Congressman Geoff Davis’ campaign manager, and he has extensive experience working in the state party’s Northern Kentucky Victory office where he has organized very successful grassroots organizations. Read what Congressman Geoff Davis had to say about Jeremy here.

Each day more and more volunteers are joining our fight to send a common sense conservative to Washington. Please sign up to help us make phone calls, campaign door-to-door and help in our office.