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Another shocker in Indiana Senate race?

by Joe Arnold


Posted on February 16, 2010 at 5:50 AM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 16 at 1:26 AM

Monday was a shocking day in Indiana politics.  Tuesday could be a fascinating day.

Tamyra d'Ippolito, the liberal Bloomington cafe owner who had no chance of defeating Evan Bayh in the Democratic Party primary for U.S. Senate, tells me she is "very confident" that she will have filing petition signatures verified as a noon Tuesday deadline for signatures approaches.

She is calling on any Hoosier -- "Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Tea Baggers, everyone with a pulse go to your county clerks office tomorrow before noon in your district" and file signatures so she can qualify to be on the primary ballot.

d'Ippolito is updating her frenetic effort on her Facebook account.

 Okay, guys and gals this is the deal. I am on the ballot tomorrow. I am in the Primary and I am in the Election. Your with me or your not that is your choice. I have been the ONLY ONE in Indiana fighting the almightly powerful EVAN BAYH from day one. I really enjoy all the jumper ons at that last minute in the final hour. Where were you when I stepped out?

With the first word of Evan Bayh's decision not to run, breaking at about 10:30am on Monday, that gave any Democrat who wanted to be listed on the primary ballot a mere 25 1/2 hours to collect 500 signatures of registered voters from each of nine congressional districts, a total of 4500 signatures.

d'Ippolito entered the race months ago, and says she was still short about 1,000 signatures before Bayh's announcement.  Republicans eager to wreak havoc on the Democrats, however, may be jumping on board to collect those signatures.  In her posts, d'Ippolito explains that anyone can drop off the signatures to the county clerk in any of Indiana's 92 counties.

Though d'Ippolito acknowledges the noon deadline, she also posts that county clerks must accept signatures after that.  She says a political attorney advised her of that on Monday night.  County clerks might see it differently.

People of Indiana go tomorrow and every day up until the election and keep filing signatures. Do not be turned away by clerks. This is your right as a citizen of this state and do not let them stop you.

I have no word if any other Democrat was trying to come up with 4500 signatures by noon, Tuesday.  After Monday's surprise, you never know. 

If you have signed the petition or are aware of someone who has, please let me know at jarnold@whas11.com