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IN-9: GOP's Young bashes White House support of Hill

by Joe Arnold


Posted on December 29, 2009 at 10:13 AM

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is scheduled to appear in Bloomington this weekend for a fundraiser for Congressman Baron Hill.  Republican hopeful Todd Young predicts "the 2010 election will turn into a national referendum on the fiscal policies of the Obama Administration," and is relishing the opportunity to link Hill to Obama.

Here's the release from Young:

 Political Opportunist in Indiana's Ninth District

     The White House is sending one of its biggest guns to help Baron Hill.  Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is scheduled to attend a Bloomington fund-raiser Saturday.
      This goes a long way to explain why over the past year Baron Hill has been so consistent in voting for more deficit spending and enormous increases in the national debt.  For better or worse, he's enlisted as a loyal soldier on the President's team, and now he's getting his reward.
      Rahm Emanuel has a well-deserved reputation as being a hard-nosed and demanding political operator on Capitol Hill.  You can be sure the only reason he is coming to Bloomington is that he expects he can count on Hill's vote regardless of how high it might drive up the deficit or how many Indiana jobs it might kill.
      Hill's recent voting record stands in direct contradiction to all the platitudes that he and his fellow "Blue Dog" Democrats have voiced about the need to control federal spending and stimulate job growth.
      If he hasn't done so already, Hill should turn in his Blue Dog membership card.  He's on Rahm Emanuel's leash now.
      Hill voted for a package of spending bills that virtually guarantee the federal deficit will remain well above the trillion-dollar mark over the next several years.  He voted for the Pelosi-backed health care bill that will raise taxes and reduce benefits for millions of Americans in a giant step toward nationalization of our health care system.  And, he voted for the so-called cap-and-trade energy bill, which would dramatically raise the cost of electricity and gasoline for all Americans, kill jobs in Indiana and have no appreciable effect on climate change.
      All this came in a year when Job Number One for Congress should have been looking for ways to encourage job growth in the private sector and strengthen the American dollar.
      As I've traveled all across the Ninth Congressional District, not a day goes by that I don't hear Hoosiers tell me how disappointed they have been in Baron Hill's performance.  They want Congress to stop piling billions more on to the national debt.  They want Congress to end all the irresponsible and wasteful spending that has continued unabated through the past decade.   And, they don't want Congress to pile on loads of direct and indirect taxes on the American middle class to help pay for its fiscal recklessness.
      That's why I believe the 2010 election will turn into a national referendum on the fiscal policies of the Obama Administration. 
      Baron Hill has staked out his position as solidly in support of higher deficits, more spending and more costly social programs. 
      I say it's time to stop.  I believe that hefty amounts of federal spending can be eliminated without causing any harm to the economy or beneficiaries of existing social programs.  I believe the time has come to start reducing the federal deficit.  I believe we can improve the health care system without dramatic cuts to Medicare and dramatic tax hikes for the middle class.  And I believe we can be responsible stewards of our environment without jamming a massive energy tax down the throats of hard-pressed Americans.
      That's why I look forward to the 2010 election.  It's time for Hoosiers to send a message to Washington that it will understand.
Thank You,
Todd Young