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Hill's GOP challengers primary update

by Joe Arnold


Posted on February 23, 2010 at 12:15 AM

As U.S. Rep. Baron Hill (D-Indiana 9th) considers running for Evan Bayh's U.S. Senate seat, the Republicans vying to face Hill in the Congressional race this fall are in the thick of primary campaigning.  Here are updates from the three Republicans:

Mike Sodrel 

This week at the Lawrenceburg Republican Men's Club, I was asked a question, "There are two other candidates in this primary [now three]. What makes you more qualified than the other two?" My first response was that I observe Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment: "Never speak ill of another Republican." But, then I thought this question deserves a fair answer. 

I have been an employer for many years and always tried to hire a person with the set of skills that matched the job I had available. If you need a mechanic, hire one with a set of tools and the skills to use them. If you need a truck driver, don't hire an accountant.

 One of my opponents is an attorney by training and vocation. To my knowledge he has never started a business or made a payroll. My other opponent doesn't say a lot I disagree with, but he is in his twenties and needs more experience. We have a lot of attorneys in Washington and a lot of people with little or no business experience. If the problem in Washington and the economy is encouraging the private sector to create jobs, you need someone who has done that.

 I have also already served one term in Congress. I don't need any on-the-job-training to be effective. If we are going to resolve our nation's problems, we have to get Americans back to work. From my perspective, experience counts. I also believe that the Founders intended public servants to serve and then go home and live under the laws that they make. 

 A week ago Congressman Mike Pence endorsed my candidacy in the 9th District Congressional race. During his endorsement he said something worth repeating. Every election cycle he noted that people say, "This is the most important election in my lifetime." Pence said, "This isn't the most important election in my lifetime. This is the one of the most important elections in the life of this nation." I believe that. If we cannot begin the long road back to fiscal sanity in 2010, I fear the Republic will be lost.

 More later.


Todd Young

People who are not normally politically active are becoming engaged in our campaign and I am continually humbled by their support. In the last year, people I have met have expressed a deep concern about the direction of our country. They are frustrated over the lack of true representation in Washington.

A meeting with one couple particularly stands out. In previous years, Dennis and Eleanor Porche's political involvement tended to begin and end in the voting booth on Election Day. However, concerned about our country's direction, the Porches became more involved. They joined the Tea Party movement and, together with thousands of their neighbors, marched in Washington D.C. When they returned home they began researching Congressional candidates and determined we are the campaign that best represents their convictions.

I met Dennis and Eleanor at one of our phone banks and as I got to know them more, I realized their story is becoming more and more common throughout this district. People are unhappy with Congressman Hill, Speaker Pelosi, and a host of other politicians who no longer listen to their constituents. The Porches are part of a growing army of everyday people that are reminding politicians that they work for us, not the other way around. They are helping to shape the course of our country's future by working hard to send a new generation of responsible leadership to Washington. You can help too.

I would ask that all of you who are tired of the same Washington politicians running the same campaigns and breaking the same promises to help reclaim our Congress.  We have a number of ways to get involved. We need volunteers to staff the phone banks scheduled at our campaign offices. You can help us go door to door in the 20 counties of the Ninth district. Join us and send a meassge to Baron Hill and his friend Nancy Pelosi, this is our Congress.  

Reach us at 812-250-6399
In Liberty,
Todd Young

Travis Hankins

Travis does not ever solicit support from any individual politician or political group for the purposes of a political endorsement.

Travis is more than willing to share his views with all but it is a fine line we walk when it is a competition of sorts for an endorsement and if it becomes clear that a group is seeking a typical political vetting process then we take steps away and refocus our efforts on direct grassroots contact with voters.

Again, Travis is more than willing to share his views with any group or individual but he does not seek the endorsement of anyone except individual voters.

Any politicians or political group that seeks Travis' time is more than willing to sit in with him while he calls voters or knocks on voters' doors. We mean that!