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Guthrie files for reelection

by Joe Arnold


Posted on December 23, 2009 at 9:25 AM

As expected, Congressman Brett Guthrie has filed for reelection in Kentucky's 2nd District.  In a news release Tuesday, the freshman Republican expressed confidence that he will be joined by more Republicans in the next Congress.

"I am confident that people across the country are going to choose a more conservative direction for America," Guthrie said.

There will not be a rematch of the 2008 race versus Democrat David Boswell, who  announced last month that he is instead running for a sixth term in the state senate.

Here's Guthrie's release:

 U.S. Representative Brett Guthrie (R, KY-02) filed his paperwork with Kentucky’s Secretary of State’s office to run for reelection in the second congressional district. Guthrie is serving his first term in Congress after winning the seat in November 2008.

Rep. Guthrie issued the following statement after filing for reelection:
“Congressional seats belong to the people, and my 2010 campaign will be about continuing to earn the trust of my fellow citizens. I believe my congressional voting record and constituent services match the values and the needs of the second district.
“I have served in Congress for one year, and it is clear to me that now more than ever the people must press for common-sense, conservative leadership in Washington. Federal spending is out of control and the majority party has no plan to reduce the deficit. The current leadership continues to force legislation that makes the deficit worse, all the while doing nothing about high unemployment.
“It is imperative that people across the country elect Representatives in 2010 that will bring sanity to our national fiscal policy. And it is imperative that we elect a majority in Congress that will set aside job-killing legislation such as cap-and-trade, card check, and higher taxes to focus on things that will actually move the economy in a positive direction.
“Since deciding to run for this seat in 2008, I have thought everyday about what kind of country my generation is leaving behind for my children. Today, we are leaving behind a country awash in debt and with a government that intrudes into everyday life as much as possible. This simply cannot stand, and I will fight to put America back on the right track for the people of Kentucky’s second district and for future generations.
“We live under the best government system ever devised by man because it allows the people to choose what direction they want for their country. Next November, I am confident that people across the country are going to choose a more conservative direction for America. My hope is that I am fortunate enough to be entrusted with a part in leaving behind a better country for my children, and that I am able to inspire my kids to do the same for their children as well.”