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Forum, Green issue statements before mayoral event

Forum, Green issue statements before mayoral event

by Joe Arnold


Posted on September 8, 2010 at 10:13 AM

I am heading out the door to moderate the Louisville Forum luncheon "debate" featuring frontrunners Hal Heiner and Greg Fischer.  Independent Jackie Green did not garner the necessary 15% support in the WHAS11/Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll to qualify.  Green received 2% support in a poll he says is flawed because it does not call cell phones.

Here are statements from the Forum and Green:

Louisville Forum’s September luncheon meeting will feature candidates for Louisville Metro Mayor, Greg Fischer and Hal Heiner.  The format will include opening remarks, followed by written questions submitted from the audience posed by Louisville Forum board members.  Each candidate will also give brief closing remarks.  The event is sold out.  However, the program will be recorded rebroadcast on WFPL.  A streaming audio of the meeting will also be placed on the WFPL website so that those who miss the broadcast will be able to listen.  In addition, video of the event will be available at www.courier-journal.com.

News Release from Jackie Green:

Two questions arise from mayoral candidate Jackie Green's exclusion from yet another mayoral debate.
Question #1
Fischer and Heiner are once again knowingly, willingly participating in another closed and exclusive mayoral debate.
Can the public trust Fischer or Heiner to be open and inclusive as mayor?

Question # 2
The exclusion of mayoral candidate Jackie Green means that there will be no significant discussion of:
 - the redirection of resources out of all existing neighborhoods and in to remote land development
 - the movement of jobs farther and farther from neighborhoods full of unemployed and underemployed workers
 - the loss of farms to unsustainable development
 - the basic weaknesses of our local economy that keep companies from investing in Louisville
 - the creation of a nearly energy independent Louisville economy
 - the educational, economic, social and environmental costs of the JCPS student assignment plan
 - building interstate highways (Ohio River bridges project) as much less than the best way to create jobs
 - a world class public transit system as our highest transportation priority
 - making streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

What will they talk about?
Mayoral candidate Jackie Green will be present at Vincenzo's mayoral debate today.