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Grayson supporter warns GOP will have buyers remorse

by Joe Arnold


Posted on May 20, 2010 at 10:51 PM

With Rand Paul excoriated for his Civil Rights Act critique and the subsequent uproar he was unable to control, a top supporter of former Republican primary rival Trey Grayson suggested Thursday that GOP primary voters will have "buyers remorse" in their selection of Paul.

The supporter said Grayson tried to bring Paul's libertarian views to light but that the media and the electorate did not pay attention. 

Trey Grayson has not commented publicly on the Paul controversy.

Paul acknowledged to me in a Wednesday interview that fences need to be mended in the GOP, but denied refusing to take Grayson's concession phone call.

"That's just not true.  I got a phone call not to me.  I actually was never told that there was a phone call made until this morning.  So there's been some miscommunication.  There was a phone call made to someone in my campaign but not to me, and it just didn't get connected.  But there was never any intention of any slight and we have every intention of calling Trey Grayson today (Wednesday), but no intention of slight and just mainly a miscommunication."

Later, Paul campaign manager David Adams said it was he who took Grayson's concession call, that it was clearly a call that Grayson did not enjoy making, and that when Adams told Grayson that he was not sure where Paul was at that moment, that Grayson did not seem bothered, instead requesting that Adams pass along his message.

Adams added that Grayson was not alone in his unsuccessful phone attempt on election night; former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin also tried to reach Paul via Adams' mobile phone that night, but never spoke to Paul, Adams said.

I asked Paul if it is it now incumbent upon him to reach out to Grayson supporters and Grayson himself. 

"Definitely.  And we've been doing that for weeks and months now, talking to people who are on the other side.  And I've had people write me letters as well as call me on the phone and say, 'You know what? I am supporting Trey Grayson, but I will support you if I win.  That's been going on for months now."

Paul said he already met with party stalwarts and county Republican leadership while attending dozens of Lincoln Day dinners across the state.

He added that Internet-based fundraising "moneybombs" will certainly follow (though it remains to be seen how the Civil Rights controversy will affect that).

Paul said he has been in touch with both national and state Republican leaders regarding campaign cash support.