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Galbraith campaign blasts media

Galbraith campaign blasts media

by Joe Arnold


Posted on August 30, 2011 at 7:50 AM

The communications director of Gatewood Galbraith's gubernatorial campaign is blasting media coverage of the race and characterizations of Galbraith's chances.

 Nicole Bartlett says the media has ignored the Galbraith's campaign and jumped to conclusions about its prospects: 

There is little doubt these lapses skew, censor and attempt to make relevant or irrelevant polls, is occurring for the purpose to negate the obvious success of the campaign to affect the outcome. 

Media Release from Bartlett:

Recent news reports by both major Kentucky papers (The Courier Journal and The Lexington Herald Leader) fall short in their duty to report accurately the status of this year’s pending gubernatorial race.  A recent article by reporter Joe Gerth of the Courier Journal reads:

“But don’t kid yourself; Williams isn’t as weak as independent candidate Gatewood Galbraith would have you believe. Galbraith went on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio show last week and said that he has pulled ahead of Williams in a recent poll.  That was an unscientific online poll conducted by WKYT television in Lexington that found Beshear with 39 percent, Galbraith with 35 percent and Williams with 26 percent of the vote”. 

What the article neglected to mention is the fact Gatewood Galbraith has polled in first place, ahead of Steve Beshear, in five additional polls (The Hazard Herald, The State Journal (Frankfort), The Sentinel News, FOX 56 (Lexington) and a second WKYT poll).  Each of the above-described polls shows Williams clearly in third place. The Courier Journal further denotes skepticism when characterizing such polls, as “non scientific poll” yet there is no justifiable reason to believe those polls are more or less an indicator of the pending race than any other poll.  Joe Gerth further ads

“Galbraith has traditionally done well in such polls but then finished elections in single digits.”

- Gatewood Galbraith has no knowledge of anytime in his previous races in which he has enjoyed first place in such polls and the article does not show its source for such a statement.  The article itself is a speculative observation as to the status of each of the candidates in that no recent “scientific” poll results have been published.

Today the Lexington Herald Leader’s main story “Can David Williams make Gubernatorial Contest a Real Race?” reporter Jack Brammer makes only one reference to Independent candidate Gatewood Galbraith in the final two sentences: 

 “A third candidate for governor, Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith, is running as an independent. He has raised little campaign funds.” 

Adequate news reporting should not be solely reliant on the amount of money each candidate has raised as the single determining factor of the success or failure of candidates especially when a journalist is specifically taking a shot in the dark in the first place.

In addition, there is no mention of Senator Williams recent statement accurately reported by Joe Sonka of LEO:  “I’m telling you, if you all really decide that Gatewood toward the end can win, and I can’t, vote for Gatewood.” Certainly that comment would serve as a relevant indicator if nothing else.

There is little doubt these lapses skew, censor and attempt to make relevant or irrelevant polls, is occurring for the purpose to negate the obvious success of the campaign to affect the outcome.  The Courier Journal and Lexington Herald Leader should serve as the model of good journalism and adhere to established journalistic ethics standards.  The Gatewood/Riley campaign has made itself accessible to all members of the press, associations and public.  

Currently Gatewood/Riley boast the largest social network sites of any of the candidates (combined) answering questions directly to constituents and further actively solicit questions and input on a daily basis.  Press releases have been issued with no response and when reporting relevant issues affecting all of Kentucky reporters have relied on and published quotes from lesser-qualified sources.  Many of the ideas and themes of Gatewood Galbraith’s former candidacy have become national news shaping policies, yet credit or even reference to his input was never attributed to Gatewood himself.  The campaign issued a specific press announcement notifying all media entities of the fact Nicole Bartlett had come on board to serve as the campaign’s communication director and included all contact information – to no avail.

The people of Kentucky have a third choice in Kentucky’s gubernatorial race and deserve to hear from each candidate.  Reporting should not be based on the number of ads purchased or amount of money raised.  The 4th branch of govt., - the media – has a duty to adequately and accurately report each of the candidates free of bias, jealousy, personal theories free of contempt.  It may be unimaginable to the Courier Journal and Lexington Herald Leader that a grass roots campaign could overcome such limitations, but it is a very realistic possibility to the people of Kentucky.  Simply we are requesting and equal chance to express our views and platform.  No other candidate has offered a specific educational program (the Commonwealth
Incentive) an environmental policy statement, an agricultural/bio-industrial plan or taken a stand on behalf of Kentucky’s state workers.  Obviously it is not Gatewood/Riley 2011 that lacks substance.  If this race were based on the “issues” then we win in every category.  True, our opponents have out raised us in way of money, but they have fallen short in every other category – that would be news worth reporting.