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GOP's Johnson makes case for his candidacy

by Joe Arnold


Posted on December 14, 2009 at 11:05 AM

Updated Monday, Dec 14 at 9:08 PM

After GOP U.S. Senate candidate Bill Johnson released poll numbers last week that showed him a solid third place contender versus Trey Grayson and Rand Paul, I asked him to provide information about the poll and the company that conducted it.

Here's his response e-mail with his game plan laid bare for other campaigns:

The poll was a simple statewide poll breaking KY down into N, S, E, W.  to determine strong and weak locations.  Conducted by Persistence Consulting (engaged to advise campaign).

We asked likely republican primary voters: Who are you planning on voting for in the Republican Primary next year?

Candidate  N    S   E   W     Statewide
Grayson     61  10 27 18         29
Paul           23   6  57  14        25
Johnson     7    31  2   16        14
Thoney       0    3   1    4           2
Oerther      0    2    1    1          1
Martin        0    1    1    2          1
Und            9   47  11   45       28

We have been working on the Southern rural areas thus no surprise I am strong there.  We only recently started focusing on the NKY and will start on EKY very soon.  I am confident that with my energy background (nuclear and BP Oil), I can make good progress in the east.  With my rural and military background, I will continue to strengthen in the west and south.

I am very encouraged by poll.  NKY will be difficult but this poll was before the Boone county party and before I put 30,000 newspaper inserts into the area.   We are running commercials in many cable locations throughout the state that started yesterday. (you can see both commercials at this link -

I have retained a fundraiser and will be focusing on that activity in January.  I can win this primary with $300,000 and will not rest until May 18th.  For once, the voters will have a true choice independent of money, power, status or any other factor.