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GOP leader challenges congressional candidacies

GOP leader challenges congressional candidacies

by Joe Arnold


Posted on August 25, 2010 at 9:31 PM

The Courier-Journal's Sheldon Shafer reports:

A Jefferson County Republican Party leader has filed two lawsuits in an effort to remove two candidates for the 3rd Congressional District from the November ballot.

Ed Martin, Libertarian candidate for Congress, Responds to Lawsuit
On Tuesday, Aug 24, Libertarian candidate for the 3rd District Congressional seat currently held by John Yarmuth, received notice of a motion for an expedited hearing relating to the petition filing for his congressional race. The complaint was vague, but apparently challenges Martin’s place on the upcoming general election ballot.
Martin says he’s not even sure of the basis of the challenge.
“At this point, no cause of action or claim is stated in the complaint,” he said. “I’m at a loss right now as to what their claim is.”
Martin is registered as a Libertarian and filed for the 3rd District race as the Libertarian candidate. The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is not recognized as a “party” but as a political group.
Martin collected more than the required 400 petition signatures to get his name on the November ballot.
A supporter of Republican candidate Todd Lally filed the suit. Recent talk of Martin pulling votes away from Lally in the media apparently spooked the GOP candidate. Martin Campaign Chair Ron Seiter said the move shows the desperation of the Lally campaign, noting that the new Republican strategy apparently consists of suing the competition off the ballot.
“The GOP of this city has sunk to a new low,” Seiter said. “For them to be wasting their time suing my candidate off the ballot is laughable. Shouldn't they be focusing on getting more of their own people to come out to their events and actually campaigning, instead of using underhanded tactics to attack a volunteer grassroots campaign with virtually no budget?”
This from a Lally campaign that initially welcomed Martin to the race.
“At this critical junction in our country’s history, we need people with great ideas and we want to welcome Mr. Martin to the race,” Lally’s campaign manager Jay Hill told cn|2 Politics after Martin filed back in June. “Because in the long run this race is about Americas future and we need all the ideas we can get.”
Martin is scheduled to appear in court Monday morning.
“Hopefully, that will put this thing to rest,” Martin said. “I don’t believe it has any merit.”

Related link: http://apps.sos.ky.gov/elections/candidatefilings/statewide/default.aspx?cand=3315

Libertarian Party of Kentucky

Subject:  GOP in Louisville Chooses Party Over People
August 25, 2010
For Immediate Release
INDEPENDENCE, Ky. – The Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY) is outraged that the Republican
Party   has   decided   to   try   to   sue  Ed  Martin,   the   legitimate  LPKY-endorsed   candidate   for   the   3rd
Congressional  District,  off   the  ballot,   contrary  to  their  deceptive   statements   about  welcoming Ed
Martin to the race.
“This  tired motif rears  its head again,” said Ken Moellman,  Chairman of   the LPKY.    “Apparently, 
Republicans are so insecure about their lack of a substantive platform that they are trying to steal half 
of the options the voters have. Ed Martin’s pragmatic message of true fiscal responsibility, individual
freedom, and prosperity offers real-world solutions to modern problems.  They are obviously desperate, 
scared, or both.”
This cheap political  ploy comes  in  the wake of   the Republican Party  in Kentucky  recently  taking
criticism for hijacking Kentucky affiliates of the Tea Party movement for its own political ends. 
“I hope Tea Partiers take note of this manipulation,” said Joshua Koch, LPKY Vice-Chair. “The GOP is
using the Tea Party’s righteous indignation, and now it is trying to prevent  these concerned citizens
from having any real choices other than the two old parties that share equal responsibility in bringing
this country to the brink of economic catastrophe.”
The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is the third-largest party in Kentucky, and it is a leading advocate of 
personal freedom, non-aggression, and fiscal responsibility.  Their website is LPKY.org.