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GOP insiders welcome changes in Paul campaign

by Joe Arnold


Posted on May 26, 2010 at 12:48 PM

The shakeup in Rand Paul's U.S. Senate campaign comes as welcome news to Republican insiders who say he needed to right the ship after a controversy triggered by Paul's interview on MSNBC last week.


"He has to stay on message," said former Jefferson County GOP chairman Bill Stone, "He’s got to stop trying to entertain people.

You bore yourself.  You bore your family.  You stick to the message."


"I think he can recover from last week," Stone continued, adding that Paul would have won "in a walk" before the controversy, but that it is now "competitive."

"(Former campaign manager) David Adams ran circles around Grayson's staff," said another high ranking Republican donor, "but that was like a little leaguer picking on tee ball kids. Now they are in the big leagues and need talent to match."

"The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, Jack Conway, and the liberal media and blog community will not relent," the donor continued, "They are ruthless, they will lie, they will conspire and they will pull every underhanded trick in the book to win.  Paul needs equally experienced staff to handle it."


Republican insiders suggest Adams was naive to allow Paul on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show, but also say that Rand Paul can only blame himself for what he said. 


Democratic opponent Jack Conway went through a campaign shakeup of his own after controversial remarks at the Fancy Farm political picnic in August, which gives the Republicans confidence that Paul can also recover.


Former campaign manager David Adams is now "campaign chairman" focusing on county organizations, which Stone says are essential to turning out the vote.


"Rand has got to be a good winner and reach out and start taking help from people," Stone said.


New campaign manager Jesse Benton was communications manager for the presidential campaign of Paul's father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul.


"Paul does need to be careful not to have his campaign run out of Texas," the GOP donor warned, "He does need some Kentucky influence to ensure they don't ignore the GOP activists they need to have an effective fundraising operation in the counties."