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GOP Mom blogger vs. Rand Paul

by Joe Arnold


Posted on May 24, 2010 at 11:06 PM

Updated Tuesday, May 25 at 6:58 AM

Genuine GOP Mom: Rand Paul Wrong on Constitution:

Lisa Graas has never been a Rand Paul fan.  She supported Bill Johnson and then Trey Grayson in the Republican primary.  Graas, the former Twibe leader for Sarch Palin on Twitter, also parted ways with Palin after the former VP candidate endorsed Paul.

Here's the e-mail Graas sent to me over the weekend detailing her concerns about Paul and his MSNBC comments on the Civil Rights Act:

Dear Joe,

I just watched your interview with Rand Paul regarding the media coverage of his comments on the Civil Rights Act. (Newsbusters)  While Dr. Paul wants to move on from what he considers to be a moot point, I'm still having to defend the Civil Rights Act to Paul supporters who won't let go of it, at least in regard to the issue of commerce and equal rights.  What I would like to see from Dr. Paul is not a brushing of this issue under the rug, an action that allows ignorance to fester and thrive.  I want to see leadership in regard to the right of all people to participate in a civil society; leadership on a level that will bring his base of supporters into the real world we currently live in, a world that continues to discriminate even with the Civil Rights Act, the ADA and other important laws, both state and federal, which are important to people who could not otherwise participate on a reasonable level in society.  Acknowledging that the issue is moot from a legal standpoint does nothing to enlighten those who continue in ignorance.  Instead, it facilitates discrimination through validation of the idea that it may be considered relevant on a philosophical level for us to tolerate discrimination in society.

Dr. Paul believes, and I agree, that laws will never put a definitive end to intolerance of others.  It is important that we work to establish a more tolerant culture; but this is exactly why it is important that he lead on this issue and bring his supporters to the understanding that discrimination, though it will never fully be on the ash heap, very well should be on the ash heap, so much so that it should be shoveled there with the aid of laws.  Let him champion this position so that his supporters will be inspired to take up this same mantle for the common good.

As a Republican and a disabled person who understands her party's history from the legacy of Lincoln and who personally benefits from that legacy on a daily basis, I expect no less from Dr. Paul.

Thank you.

Lisa Graas