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Fire investigation focuses on three rooms of Bailey house

by Joe Arnold


Posted on December 29, 2009 at 11:03 AM

As a memorial service gets underway for the two grandsons of Irv and Cathy Bailey killed when the Baileys' Glenview Home was gutted by fire, heavy equipment is set to move in to the fire investigation scene.

Here's the updated story on the fire investigation on Monday, with devastating aerial images.

"We're focusing on a family room, a dining room and a great room," said Major Henry Ott of the Metro Arson Aquad, "Those are the three areas that our main focus is."

An alarm system alerted firefighters about 4:30 Christmas morning but it appears there was little they could do.  
The five adults who escaped had also tried to rescue the boys, 10-year-old Liam Bailey and 12-year-old Solon Bailey.

The house has played host over the years to a number of high profile events including political fundraisers.  In September the former First Lady Laura Bush was here for a private luncheon but on Christmas Eve it was all about family.  The boys and their parents were in from Vermont and their obituary says they had just enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve, with Liam playing soccer and Solon playing piano after dinner at the home of their grandparents, Irv and Cathy Bailey.

In Vermont with their parents, the boys loved playing and listening to music, sledding, skiing and playing together with their friends.
Joyful lives tragically cut short after a candlelit Christmas Eve in Louisville.  Those candles one of myriad possible factors in the fire. 

“The family believes that they blew out the candles. I doubt with this much damage that we'll be able to ever completely eliminate that.  But if we can trace the fire back to a certain cabinet in the dining room and there's nothing electrical around there then that might be what we're focusing on,” said  Ott.

Heavy equipment will begin to lift the roof out of the basement Tuesday morning.

Because of the house collapse, the Bailey's need to tell investigators what items were on certain floors and rooms.

“The family has been very helpful in giving us information and our goal is to try to answer their questions and give them some peace of the mind if that can happen.  It will just take a couple of days,” Ott added.

As investigators focus on three rooms and a small area of the basement, salvage workers are recovering items from other parts of the basement and the less damaged left side of the house.

The boys’ funeral will be in Vermont.
In lieu of flowers the family has set up a fund support children's education programs. 

The Beauregard Foundation: Solon and Liam Fund
c/o Chrysalis Ventures
101 S. 5th Street
Suite 1650
Louisville, KY 40202