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Debate Roundup: Reaction from Conway campaign, Democrats

Debate Roundup: Reaction from Conway campaign, Democrats

by Joe Arnold


Posted on October 4, 2010 at 12:17 AM

Updated Saturday, Nov 2 at 5:50 PM

Conway campaign

Rand Paul Confirms He’s Open to Raising Retirement Age, Reducing
Benefits, Supports $2,000 Medicare Deductible

Conway Campaign: Rand Paul Does Not Share Kentucky Values

LOUISVILLE – In yet another example of not sharing Kentucky values,
Rand Paul today confirmed he is open to raising the retirement age and
reducing benefits as well as a $2,000 Medicare deductible on Kentucky

Rand Paul said, "But we do have to admit that we have the baby boom
generation getting ready to retire, and we're going to double the
amount of retirees. And to put our head in the sand and just say we're
just going to keep borrowing more money is not going to work. There
will have to be changes for the younger generation."

John Collins said, “Rand Paul believes Kentucky seniors should pay a
$2,000 Medicare deductible. Kentucky seniors don’t think that’s an
option, and neither does Jack Conway. Rand Paul does not share
Kentucky values.”

Conway campaign

Conway Wins Debate, Hammers Paul on Not Understanding Kentucky in
First Senate Debate

Paul Admits He Supports Raising the Retirement Age & Reducing Benefits
as well as Supporting a $2,000 Deductible on Kentucky Seniors

LOUISVILLE – Democratic candidate Jack Conway today hammered Rand Paul
for not understanding Kentucky in the first Kentucky Senate debate.
Conway made it clear he is only candidate in the race who shares
Kentucky values. Rand Paul, again, demonstrated he is completely
out-of-touch with the state – supporting raising the retirement age,
reducing benefits as well as supporting a $2,000 deductible on
Kentucky seniors.

Conway held up his proven record as Kentucky’s Attorney General of
being tough on crime and holding people accountable, including
cracking down on child pornography from the Internet, reducing
Medicaid fraud and abuse, and taking on big oil and energy companies
that gouged Kentucky families.

Rand Paul’s performance further demonstrated he doesn’t share Kentucky
values – continuing to stand by his beliefs that:
• Kentucky seniors should pay a $2,000 Medicare deductible
• Drugs are not “a real pressing issue” in Kentucky
• States should have the right to legalize drugs
• Federal anti-drug task forces, such as Operation UNITE, should be eliminated

A series of recent polls show that the race is a dead heat after a
slew of stories demonstrate Rand Paul does not share Kentucky values
and despite Conway being out-spent three to one by outside groups led
by Karl Rove and other groups in support of Rand Paul.

Democratic National Committee

Rand Paul: President Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill Provides Coverage To Illegal Immigrants. Rand Paul appeared on Fox News Sunday where Chris Wallace asked him about health care reform, Rand Paul Said: “Right. Well, there are two aspects to healthcare problem. One is expense and one is access. There were 45 million people nationwide who were not receiving or didn't have healthcare insurance. A third made more than $50,000 a year around weren't getting it because of the expense. We didn't address expense at all. So that doesn't fix that problem. A third of them were poor and were eligible for Medicaid, but not receiving Medicaid because they weren't going down and filling out the appropriate paperwork. A third of them were in the country illegally and were illegal aliens. I don't think we should give illegal aliens health insurance. That's what president obama's bill does. [Fox News Sunday, 10/3/10]
·       Wallace Told Paul He Was Incorrect. Chris Wallace interjected to correct Rand Paul’s false claim about healthcare reform. “No, no, no. That's not true, sir. They're not covered by Obama care.” [Fox News Sunday, 10/3/10]
White House: Under The Affordable Care Act, Undocumented Immigrants Will Received Absolutely No Assistance From The Government. “Under the Affordable Care Act, undocumented immigrants are not able to enter the exchanges to purchase coverage nor are they able to obtain tax credits to purchase insurance. Undocumented immigrants will receive absolutely no assistance from the government.” [White House, Health Care Reform Myths and Facts, Accessed 10/3/10]
CBS News: Under Health Care Reform Illegal Immigrants Will Not Be Allowed To Buy Health Insurance. CBS News reported on the Health Care Reform Bill: “Illegal immigrants will not be allowed to buy health insurance in the exchanges -- even if they pay completely with their own money.” [CBS News, 3/21/10]
Ezra Klein: About A Third Of The Remaining Uninsured Are Illegal Immigrants, Who Are Ineligible For Coverage Through Health Care Reform. Ezra Klein provided a summary of who remained uninsured after Health Care Reform was passed, he wrote: “Here you're seeing 159 million Americans on the employer market, 44 million on Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program, 25 million on the non-group/other market, 24 million in the exchanges, and 22 million left uninsured. The uninsured category has gone from the second largest to the absolute smallest. And though there's no public option, there are a lot more people eligible for public programs. …But some of you have asked why there's an uninsured category at all. There are a couple of reasons. About a third of the remaining uninsured are illegal immigrants, who are ineligible for coverage through the program. [Washington Post, 3/22/10]
CS Monitor: Undocumented Immigrants Are Not Eligible For Medicaid Or Insurance Subsidies On A Healthcare Exchange. “Undocumented immigrants. This group won't be eligible for Medicaid or insurance subsidies on a healthcare exchange. In 2019, the CBO estimates, unauthorized immigrants will represent about 2 percent of a nonelderly population of 282 million people (or a bit less than 6 million people).” [CS Monitor, 3/23/10]

Conway campaign

Rand Paul’s Silence Confirms Opposition to Fundamental Protections for

Paul Opposes Federal Protections for KY Miners, Civil Rights,
Workplace Safety Rules

LOUISVILLE – In today’s Fox News debate, Rand Paul remained stunningly
silence regarding his opposition to fundamental protections for
Kentuckians, including opposition to federal mine safety protections,
basic civil rights for disabled Kentuckians, and workplace safety

1) Paul: Get Rid Of Regulations, Get Rid of EPA, Get Rid of OSHA.
Speaking about the economy and jobs, Paul said the government should
stay completely out of the private sector so businesses can earn as
much as possible. “Get rid of regulations. Get the EPA out of our coal
business down here. Get OSHA out of our small businesses. We need to
restrain government to let small businesses and businessmen and women
create jobs.” [Happy Hour, Fox Business Network, 1/22/2010]

2) Paul Told Disabled Veterans Returning from War to Take an Office on
The First Floor. Rand Paul came out in opposition to the American’s
with Disabilities Act, arguing for a more “local” approach. Explaining
his position, Rand Paul said, “if you have a three-story building and
you have someone apply for a job, you might get them a job on the
first floor if they’re in a wheelchair as opposed to making the person
who owns [the business] put an elevator in, you know what I mean? So
things like that aren’t fair to the business owner.” [YouTube video,
5/18/2010; Think Progress, 5/18/2010]

3) Paul: Bring Mining Regulations Back To Where They Were In the
1930s. After blaming the Obama administration for too much mine
regulation, Paul claimed he wanted to bring mining regulations back to
the 1930s. When asked about his views on a “sound energy policy,” Paul
claimed, “Coal’s still pretty cheap and it’s a cheap form of producing
electricity. As far as the mining aspect of it, it should be decided
in Perry county and Pike county and all these individual counties
should make the rules for how the mining occurs. I don’t think
Washington should have anything to do with the mining.” He further
stated “Dating all the way back to 1936 with the Carter Coal Company
days. I think that it was a wrong trend to allow the government to
become more involved so I would try to reverse that trend. Can we make
it exactly like it was? No, but my overall philosophy as a Republican
would be to give more local control, not federal control.” [The
Middlesboro Daily News, 1/26/2010]

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

In Debate This Morning, Paul Says That He Would Raise Retirement Age And Jack Up Premiums And Deductibles For Younger Workers
Paul Also Thinks Social Security A “Ponzi Scheme” And Favors Privatization Of Social Security
In a Fox News debate this morning, extremist Rand Paul declared a war on Social Security and Medicare by admitting that he would raise the retirement age and jack up premiums and deductibles for younger Kentucky workers.  Paul has previously referred to Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme,” and favors privatizing Social Security.  There are currently over 870,000 Social Security beneficiaries in Kentucky.   
“Extremist Rand Paul continues to prove why Kentuckians don’t trust him to stand up for their interests in the U.S. Senate,” said DSCC National Press Secretary Deirdre Murphy. “After calling Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme’ and endorsing a reckless privatization scheme, Paul now wants to raise the retirement age and jack up premiums and deductibles for younger Kentuckians.  With out of the mainstream views like this, Rand Paul’s just too risky for Kentucky.”
Rand Paul has proven that he just doesn’t understand Kentucky.  Since he beat Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate in the Republican primary, Paul has come under fire from Democrats and Republicans for calling for the elimination of the Department of Education, disbanding the Federal Reserve, and calling into question the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Paul also called criticism of BP “un-American,” has said the drug problem in eastern Kentucky is “not a real pressing issue.”
Paul: Social Security Age May Need to Be Raised. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul said Sunday the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare may need to be raised for future recipients. "But we do have to admit that we have the baby boom generation getting ready to retire, and we're going to double the amount of retirees," Paul said. "And to put our head in the sand and just say we're just going to keep borrowing more money is not going to work. There will have to be changes for the younger generation." [AP, 10/03/10]
Paul: Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme. “Back in the 1990s, he appeared on several episodes of ‘Kentucky Tonight,’ a state-based public affairs show, and talked about the elderly dying at the hands of Medicare rationing; the need to privatize Social Security, which he called a Ponzi scheme; and the rights of the government to invest in racist companies. In one episode, he even equated Medicare with the Soviet Union.” [Washington Monthly, 7/15/10]