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Deadline today for candidates to file for office

by Joe Arnold


Posted on January 26, 2010 at 2:45 AM

Today (Tuesday) at 4pm is the filing deadline for candidates to place their name on the ballot for the 2010 primary elections. Primary candidates, including political party candidates and candidates for non-partisan races that file with the Secretary of State, have until then to file for office. 
Candidates who file with the county clerk may file until 4:00 p.m. local time. 

From the Secretary of State's office:
Offices that file with the Secretary of State that are regularly scheduled to occur in 2010 include:

 United States Senator
 United States Representative
 State Senator (Even Districts)
 State Representative
 Justice of the Supreme Court, District 3
 District Judge

Offices that file with the local county clerk that are regularly scheduled to occur in 2010 include:
 County Judge/Executive
 County Attorney
 County Clerk
 Property Valuation Administrator
 County Commissioner
 Magistrate/Justice of the Peace
 City Legislative Body
 Board of Education (School Board)
 Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors
            In order to help candidates seeking political office, the Office of the Secretary of State developed a ballot access procedural manual titled: Declaring Your Candidacy. This manual has been updated for this election cycle and provides Kentuckians with a quick guide to filing for political office.
Although the publication focuses primarily on candidate filing procedures, sample forms for attaining ballot access, and qualifications for each elective office, it also includes other important and pertinent election information that may affect candidates.  The manual contains an election schedule, sample filing forms of various types, contact information for state election agencies, and answers to candidates' most frequently asked questions.
For the first time, citizens who are interested in running for an office that files with the Secretary of State will be able to obtain the proper filing papers online, twenty-four hours a day, via FastTrack Elections. These forms can be printed out and submitted either by hand delivery or by mail. The forms will have detailed instructions to help the candidate fill out the forms properly. The application will also provide sample forms for offices that file with the county clerk.
There will also be additional races this year to fill unexpired terms. Currently, the following offices that file with the Secretary of State will appear on the ballot in order to fill unexpired terms:
Circuit Judge-2nd Judicial Circuit, 1st Division (County: McCracken)
Circuit Judge-11th Judicial Circuit, 1st Division (Counties: Green, Marion, Taylor & Washington)
Circuit Judge-"Family Court", 17th Judicial Circuit, 3rd Division (County: Campbell)
Circuit Judge-18th Judicial Circuit, 1st Division (Counties: Harrison, Nicholas, Pendleton & Robertson)             
Circuit Judge-21st Judicial Circuit, 1st Division (Counties: Bath, Menifee, Montgomery & Rowan)
Circuit Judge-"Family Court" 25th Judicial Circuit, 3rd Division (Counties: Clark & Madison)
Circuit Judge-30th Judicial Circuit, 6th Division (County: Jefferson)
Circuit Judge-30th Judicial Circuit, 11th Division     (County: Jefferson)
Circuit Judge-31st Judicial Circuit, 1st Division (County: Floyd)
Circuit Judge-"Family Court" 31st Judicial Circuit, 3rd Division (County: Floyd)
Circuit Judge-32nd Judicial Circuit, 1st Division       (County: Boyd)
Circuit Judge-"Family Court" 37th Judicial Circuit, 2nd Division (Counties: Carter, Elliott & Morgan)
Circuit Judge-44th Judicial Circuit    (County: Bell)
Circuit Judge-45th Judicial Circuit    (Counties: McLean & Muhlenberg)
Circuit Judge-"Family Court", 48th Judicial Circuit, 3rd Division (County: Franklin)
Commonwealth Attorney-18th Judicial Circuit (Counties: Harrison, Nicholas, Pendleton & Robertson)
Commonwealth Attorney-37th Judicial Circuit (Counties: Carter, Elliott, & Morgan)
Commonwealth Attorney-42nd Judicial Circuit (Counties: Calloway & Marshall)
Commonwealth Attorney-46th Judicial Circuit (Counties: Breckinridge, Grayson & Meade)
"Candidates would be wise to file prior to the final deadline, in the event their documents are not acceptable for filing," stated Mary Sue Helm, election administrator for the Secretary of State. "There is no opportunity for correction of documents after that date and time."
For more information about filing to run for elected office in Kentucky, to obtain a copy of Declaring Your Candidacy, access FastTrack Elections, or to view a list of candidates, please visit www.sos.ky.gov/elections <http://www.sos.ky.gov/elections>.
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